An Overview of Norton PC Tuneup

An Overview of Norton PC Tuneup
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What Is PC Tuneup?

Much like Norton Backup, this tool is often included in most versions of Norton 360. It provides you with various resources to increase the speed of your personal computer. This is done through the deletion of unnecessary files and defragmenting the hard drive.

You’re able to schedule the program to run on an automatic basis, or you can opt to run the program manually. Unless you’re going to remember when you need to run certain scans, you should use the automatic scheduling option. It can also make reports to help you diagnose potential problems.

Product Features

There are quite a few different features within this tool, some of which will be used more frequently than others. The PC Tuneup Service is usually accessible in the main interface of Norton 360. Hovering over it will list various options, the first of which is “View Details.” This portion really doesn’t consist of anything too shocking. It simply provides you with a quick summary of your computer’s efficiency including previous scans and when each was last completed. The others options are actual tools that you can run to increase the speed of your computer. They include:

Disk Optimization: This defragments the hard drives on your computer. It moves files around your computer to reduce the total amount of space taken up on the hard drive. You’re also able to select how many hard drives it defragments. For instance, if you have both a C: and D: drive, you can select both to be cleaned.

File Cleanup: This removes temporary internet explorer files as well as temporary windows files. This tool is extremely important. You don’t realize how much space these pesky files take up until you run this clean. If you’ve never deleted any type of these files before, be prepared to see a substantial amount deleted.

Diagnostic Report: This analyzes your computer and looks for potential flaws within your system. More specifically, it will examine your operating system, computer programs, hardware, and internet connection; to name just a few. The report provided gives you essential information that you can use to correct issues before they become too severe.

Startup Manager: Provides you with a list of programs and applications that can be customized to help increase the speed of your computer’s boot time. This can also be done through your Control Panel, but doing it in Norton is just as effective.

Final Tips & Recommendations

In order to get the most out of Norton PC Tuneup, you should follow a few straightforward tips. First off, one of the most important features within this program is the Disk Optimization tool. Keeping your computer’s hard drive relatively low in size should be a top priority, so aim to run this at least once a month.

If you do it more often than that, it won’t really have an effect; if you do it less than that, the defragmentation will take a lot longer to complete. Stick to once a month.

Along the same principle, the Diagnostic Report should be run once a month too. It helps you find potential problems before they become too damaging or severe. If you aren’t sure of what’s wrong or how to correct one of the issues identified within the report, go ahead and email or print the report and send it to a profession. He or she will be able to read the report and understand the problems, and if it isn’t a quick-fix, you should be able to bring it into his or her shop for repairs.

Scans Available & Last Time Ran

Lastly, the File Cleanup is a crucial tool to utilize. Although it is commonly set up to run on an automatic schedule, you should verify that it’s actually running. You, or someone else that uses your computer, may have accidentally disabled it. So, it’s just good practice to ensure the computer File Cleanup is active and working at all times. That’s about all you need to know for this Norton product and how to use it in an efficient remember. Just remember what each feature does and abide by these tips, and your computer will run as good as new.