Endpoint Encryption Software that Will Protect Your Business from Loss or Theft

Endpoint Encryption Software that Will Protect Your Business from Loss or Theft
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How Does Endpoint Encryption Software Help Businesses?

Endpoint encryption software allows you to transfer a broad scope of confidential information across networks without risking security hazards. You can transfer customer data, intellectual property, legal and financial records and employee communications securely.

Symantec Endpoint Encryption

This endpoint encryption software will provide advanced encryption for a variety of computers and storage devices. Some of the key features include the ability to pre-boot your password authentication; support of multiple users in a network; mechanisms that will allow your team to share files securely; and central deployment, administration, and management of your encryption system.

New features include enhanced protection for keys stored in DRAM, improved disk recovery, self-extracting archives, and extended client support. Symantec Endpoint Encryption is compatible with Windows XP through Windows 7. A free trial is available.

Source: Symantec

McAfee Endpoint Encryption

Photo Credit: McAfee

Customize your encryption settings to grant or prohibit access to certain users or groups. The consistent and persistent protection will keep your confidential information secure whether you are operating your business or are shut down for the night. Protect your external devices and laptops with full-disk encryption. Automatically encrypt files and folders as you share them with your colleagues.

McAfee is compatible with Windows 2000 through Windows 7. A demo presentation is available on the website.

Source: McAfee

Check Point Full Disk Encryption

Photo Credit: Check Point

Made especially for laptops, Check Point Full Disk Encryption will encrypt the laptop’s entire hard drive against loss or theft. This includes the operating system that the computer runs on and temporary files. Check Point is compatible with Windows 2000 through Windows 7, plus Mac OS X (10.4.5 through 10.6.x).

Source: Check Point

Security BOX FullCrypt

SecurityBOX FullCrypt

Security BOX FullCrypt will protect the confidentiality of all data on your hard disk. This includes operating system data (register base, temporary files, system files, and more). Once you turn on your computer, you will have to go through an authentication process before your operating starts. Then your computer will start up and run as usual. This software runs on Windows 2000 through Vista.

Source: Security BOX FullCrypt


Photo Credit: TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt is an open-source disk encryption software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Some of its features include creating a virtual encrypted disk, plus the ability to encrypt an entire partition and external drives (such as USB or hard drive).

Source: TrueCrypt


Photo Credit: Microsoft

BitLocker is similar to Security BOX in that it encrypts your entire hard drive against hackers, loss and theft. Any file that you save on your drive is encrypted automatically. BitLocker To Go is a new feature of Windows 7 and gives the same protection to portable storage devices and external hard drives.

Source: BitLocker


The purpose of this roundup was to give you a starting point on where to get endpoint encryption software. For more information about any of the listed software, please visit their website.