Using the Computer Virus Database: McAfee

Using the Computer Virus Database: McAfee
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Most antivirus programs have a portion of their website dedicated to the latest and worst threats that users face while online. These can be anything from viruses to malware, spyware, and other malicious threats. What exactly is a computer virus database? In this article, we look at the computer virus database at McAfee, what a virus database is, and why computer users can find it helpful in the case of finding a virus.

McAfee Virus Library

So what exactly is a computer virus database? In general, it is a database or library of all of the viruses that users have come across in their time online. It also showcases new viruses and other malicious online threats, as well as security tips on how to be safe online. Most antivirus programs will have something that is similar to this formula and the computer virus database on McAfee’s website is no different.

McAfee is a fairly popular antivirus program that can be used for both home and business use and though the company doesn’t offer

free or trial versions of their software, it is priced at reasonable rates for several different antivirus and computer protection options. On the McAfee virus library, the first thing someone will see is newly discovered viruses or malware and the level of threat they pose, as well as the date that they were discovered. Depending on the virus or malware, the threat level can be anywhere from low to that of severe.

Next to this, on the right hand side, is the Threat Meter which is positioned over the global map. These two things tie in together, as the threat meter measures global threats that may impact home and business users, while the global map shows which areas in the world have the most malicious threats.

Underneath this is the area in which users can find more information about particular viruses and malware, as well as look at some of the threats that on going - as in they pose a threat for most of the year - and of course, information about what viruses are and how to protect yourself with the McAfee software.

Why is This Important?

Now that you know a little more about the computer virus database by McAfee, you may be wondering why this is important to know. Computer virus databases not only serve the purpose of keeping antivirus programs up to date on which virus or malware signatures they need to watch out for, but it can also help computer users be aware of what types of threats are lurking online or if they might have a certain virus that is mentioned.

For instance, let’s say that a user notices that his computer is a bit slow. He does some checking around and finds a folder, file, or program that he has never seen before and doesn’t remember downloading. By using the McAfee virus library, he discovers that he has a certain type of Trojan horse virus that is listed on the website as a very severe threat. He can then look up what the actual severity is, how he may have gotten it, and most importantly, the way in which to remove it.

Visiting the computer virus database by McAfee can help computer users better understand the types of threats that are currently on the Internet, giving them a better arsenal when it comes to handling these threats and removing them.

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