In-Depth Mac Software Reviews

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Your Guide to Using MS Office for Mac

Whether you’re looking for help with Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook, our guides to Microsoft Office: Mac will provide you with all you need to get to grips with the Mac OS X version of the popular office software.

A Guide to Great Mac Software

Software for Mac is available in the plenty but you have to know where to look for it. Luckily we made the search a bit easier for you with this guide to software for Mac. Read on for an overview of the best software reviews for Mac!

Top Cover Letter App for Mac OS X

Whether you’re writing a letter for a new job, to send to a company you do business with or simply to send to a friend, you don’t have to use expensive apps – OS X features a useful native alternative.

Free Stock Apps for Mac

Free things are hard to come by in this day and age, especially when you’re talking about the stock market, but fortunately a couple of companies will come to your rescue if you need a free (or cheap) alternative to paid stock market apps on Mac. Here are the best.

Small Office Accounting Software for Mac OS X

Are you a Macintosh user looking for accounting software? If so, consider choosing one of the programs listed in this article. Each application is slightly different, but have one thing in common: they are the best programs on the market–having received top ratings and reviews from consumers.

Upgrading from Microsoft Office 2007 for Macs

With the successful launch of Microsoft Office: Mac 2011, it will come as some surprise to learn that there are still many users still slaving over the previous 2008 release. If you are someone who has so far refused to upgrade, it’s certainly time to do so!

Music Maker? Mac Pro Hard Drives for Pro Tools

If you use Pro Tools on your Mac, you’ve probably noticed that your song files become massive very quickly, and if you don’t have a huge hard drive, you’ll need a place for them. Answer: Better Mac pro hard drives for Pro Tools.

The Best Online Stock Traders for Mac OS X

If you’re looking for the best online stock trader for Mac OS X, look no further! From popular giants like E-Trade to lesser known competitors such as OptionsHouse, here are the best of the best to help you make the money you need.

Remote Access to Windows PC From a Mac

If you use a remote access application to access your PC, you probably thought you were out of luck if you didn’t have another PC to access yours with. This isn’t the case, however, because you can connect to a PC with a Mac. Here are a couple of great applications to do just that.

Keyloggers for OS X: Good Idea?

Keyloggers are rapidly becoming the center of a very large controversy involving people’s relationships with their loved ones. Some people say it’s an invasion of privacy, some people say it has very useful elements; either way, they’re here, and they’re available. Here’s a rundown on everything.

We Explain: Can a Mac Pro Use Microsoft Access?

Your powerful Mac Pro is capable of doing many tasks but a solution has to be found when you want to run Windows apps, such as Microsoft Access. Read on for all the options on getting Microsoft Access to run either integrated or through boot camp.