iTunes User Guides, Tutorials, How To’s, Troubleshooting, and Tips and Tricks

iTunes is great for downloading and playing media files on your PC or Mac. Our experts will help you learn how to setup and use iTunes they way you need it so you can quickly access your favorite files that you want to listen to or watch. Other topics like tips on downloading music, syncing iTunes with devices, burning music, and organizing media will also be covered. 530beda0-d9e0-491c-9c6d-e5ee7169a75e 1.03.01

How Much Do You Know About iTunes?

Itunes is the preferred and only music player for those listening to music on their iPhone or iPod. But how much do you really know about the software? This is your chance to test your knowledge and to find out if you are a real expert!

iTunes Guide

Personal music libraries can get pretty big and unwieldy. Here’s where you can get started on taking control over your music collection with iTunes.

How to Convert AVI Files to Quicktime

As people discover more and more the benefits of using a computer, they also begin to discover the limitations. One such limitation is the need to convert many files into other files. Here is a quick guide on converting those pesky .AVI files to a more usable .MOV.

Itunes Jewel Case Labelling Guide

Everybody likes their mix CDs to look nice, so why not go through the little bit of extra trouble and print out some professional looking CD covers to put in those jewel cases? Here’s a guide on how to do iTunes jewel case labeling.

How to Transfer iTunes Music From Windows to Mac

Transferring iTunes music between computers or operating systems requires a bit of preparation. Read on to find out how to properly save your meta and playlist data and make sure how to properly transfer your iTunes experience from your old to new system!

Learn How to Burn Protected iTunes MP4 Videos to DVD

Users of iTunes wanting to know how to burn protected iTunes MP4 files can do so, although they may not play in a standard DVD video player. Those who wish to do that may need PC or Macintosh software that functions as a DRM remover for iTunes video. We discuss these issues here.

Transfer iTunes from One Account to Another

When more than one user shares a computer, multiple iTunes folders will result if they all use the program. Users can transfer iTunes from one account to another on the computer by moving their iTunes files to a publicly accessible folder and then adding that folder to their iTunes library.

How to Solve & Prevent iTunes Error 50

No one likes error messages, especially when they don’t know the cause. The iTunes Error 50 message occurs when your player cannot download a music or video file successfully. Learn how to solve iTunes Error 50 and prevent it in the future.