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When I first got my hands on TuneAid I was in love. I can’t say how many times I’ve put a song on my iPod, deleted it from my library to save space, and then wanted that song back in the library days or months later. With TuneAid, you can do that with a simple click of the button. TuneAid is from a company called DigiDNA, that is also responsible for applications such as DiskAid, TuneDNA, and MooDNA. All of these programs involve music and your iPod or iPhone devices.

TuneAid offers many features in it’s full version. The most important, obvioulsy, is the ability to move files from your iPod back to your iTunes library. This gives you a digital copy, or MP3 file to be able to burn to cd’s or put on other iPods. Perhaps there’s an album that a friend of yours has on their iPod that you would like on yours. Simply plug their iPod in, select the album and it’s yours. TuneAid does not just import the song, but the fields with it as well. This means play count, ratings, last played, last skipped and so on. These fields are customizable, so you can pick and choose what information is copied with the track.

My favorite aspect of TuneAid is how simple the guys at DigiDNA made it to use. When you open the application, it recognizes your iPod (granted it’s plugged in via the USB cord). It will then show your entire library. What’s nice is that you do not have to go in search of the song or songs you want through your entire library. You can locate it by album, artist, a playlist you may have made, the genre, or just type in the name or song in the search bar at the bottom and it will display the results.

TuneAid makes finding and copying songs extremely easy and user friendly. You do not have to specifically copy these songs to iTunes either. There is also the option to copy to a folder. So you can make your own folder of songs, maybe for a cd you’d like to burn, and send the files there. Or if you have an external hard drive and don’t want to take up room on your computer, they can be sent there as well.

There is also the option in TuneAid to listen to your music right then and there. It almost looks like a mini iTunes in a way. So it’s not some completely foreign view.

The only negative I found with the program is that you don’t actually purchase a hard copy. You download it from the company’s website. You are then sent a serial code to enter to unlock the full version. The price isn’t too bad for what the program does, at a moderate $18.90. With that price you are allowed a three day return policy, support within 24 hours of the problem occurring, as well as free updates to the software for a year.

A free trial, as well as the full version can both be found on DigiDNA’s website which is located here. So give it a shot and see what you think, for $18.90 it’s not a bad investment to back up the songs on your iPod. You never know when your iPod could freak out and you lose all your content, and then you would have wished you had obtained this program before.

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