Gigaware usb headset microphone

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Gigaware Microphone Headset: Intro

I had thought that finding a USB microphone headset would be a simple mission. Little did I realize that my wish for an old fashioned over the head model would make the task nearly impossible. Finally, after being confronted with several behind the head and in ear models, I found the Gigawear USB microphone headset at Radio Shack. As it was the only set that I could find to meet my needs, I could only hope that the set was a good one. As luck would have it, it was nearly perfect.

Gigaware Microphone Headset: Physical Construction (4 out of 5)

The fit of the set is nice, and the adjustments hold well. That’s a gift on an inexpensive set, to be sure. The earpieces have soft noise reduction pads that fit comfortably. I like the hard microphone as well, as it seems much strudier than it’s soft foam covered counterparts.

Gigaware Microphone Headset: Setup & Compatibility (4 out of 5)

One thing that had me a bit concerned in terms of compatiblity with my mac was the fact that the set was not immediately recognized when it was plugged in to the USB port. The power light lit, and I could control the sound on the mac from the headset’s control, but the sound wasn’t coming from the headset. I quickly found that I could reset the input and output settings in my mac’s system preferences. After this was done, the headset worked beautifully. I do find this has to be redone after the mac has been unplugged, but the process is easy enough that it isn’t any trouble.

Gigaware Microphone Headset: Quality (3 out of 5)

The sound on the headset is good though not great. It gomes out a bit softer at full volume than my higher end headset. That being the case, I would not make this a dedicated headset for listening to music, but as the microphone is more the point here, the set is passible. The microphone on the other hand is good and responsive, even at lower settings. I use it for dictation software and Skype, and the accuracy is excellent.

In all, it’s as good set for the mirophone. The audio ouput could be better, of course, but if you want a good worhorse of a set, this is it. I can recommend the Gigawear USB microphone headset for mac users looking for a solidly built functional headset and microphone.