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It seems these days that everybody and their uncle has their own company. Whether it’s building websites, mowing lawns, or repairing automobiles, it’s hard to find an individual who doesn’t have a personal company. With your own company comes the process of building networks and spreading your name to possible future customers. One of the best ways to do that is to hand out business cards with your company name and contact information.

With Business Card Composer from Belight Software, you are given the ability to create your very own personalized business cards in a matter of minutes. It’s as easy as choosing an already-created template and adding your information. That’s just for the basic business card. For those of you who want to go above and beyond, there is far more customizing that can be done if you choose to do it.

Built into the program is an assistant that will guide you through a few quick steps to building the look and information on your business card. You start off with the design of your card. You can choose from a whole array of different looks. Don’t think that this program sticks solely to your little square business card. You can choose things such as a CD-R cover as well. Once you choose what design you want to use, you are then taken to a form you fill in with your contact information. The coolest thing about this part is that it automatically pulls your personal information that was submitted when you set up your Mac computer. So your address, phone number, and email address is all automatically submitted. Now if it has changed or you are using different information you can just click on the field to change it, but it’s a nice convenience. As if that was not enough, the business card assistant syncs with your address book program so you can choose to make a business card from any one of your contacts.

Once all of the information is submitted and you have your design chosen, then you are taken to the final step, choosing your printing layout. Here you can select the size of your card. Once that is done then your card pops up and you can make any other changes you wish. Things like adding photos or designs are all possible on your business card.

Fonts, colors and the size of items are all customizable once the basic setup is done. For those who know exactly what they want, you can start with a totally blank template and go from there.

Business Card Composer is a great program for anybody wanting to spread the word about their personal business or service. With tons of design options and maximum custmomization, this program does all but pass itself out to your customers.

The price of this one is a little hefty for simply creating a business card, it starts at $34.95, but when you look at all of the options that you can use this for it may just be worth your money. For those who just want a basic card and lack creativity, this program will be great and may even save money from having somebody else make it for you.

Business Card Composer can be purchased from the Belight Software website, located here.

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