Mac Application Review: Use Xmarks to Sync and Backup Bookmarks on Your Mac

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If you’re like me, you create lots of bookmarks as you are browsing the Internet. Even though I try to be careful with organizing these bookmarks into folders, I often lose track of what websites I have bookmarked on which computer or in which browser. I tend to split my time online between Mac’s native Safari browser and Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

I recently started using a free application called Xmarks to help keep track of my growing list of bookmarks. Xmarks is an online service that uploads your bookmarks to their servers and syncs them across multiple browsers on a single computer or multiple computers. On the Mac platform, Xmarks can be used with Safari and Firefox. For those that spend time on a Windows computer, Xmarks can be used with Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. Linux users are also able to use Xmarks if they are running Firefox.

Installation and Ease of Use (3 out of 5)

For OS X users that use both Safari and Firefox, Xmarks needs to be setup on both browsers separately. To install the program for use with Safari, download Xmarks for Safari from their downloads page. Following installation, open the settings page by clicking on the Xmarks icon in the menu bar and selecting “Xmarks for Safari Settings”. Click “Run Setup Wizard” to create an account and to start syncing your bookmarks.

For Firefox users not using Safari, download Xmarks for Firefox from the download page to setup and begin managing your bookmarks. Those that use Safari and already downloaded Xmarks for Safari can simply install the Firefox plugin to sync the bookmarks from Safari.

In addition to backing up and syncing bookmarks, Xmarks also has more advanced features like creating profiles to have different bookmarks in different browsers and a search tab for improving your Google search results. More information about Xmarks and these advanced features are available at the Xmarks website.

Value and Usefulness (4 out of 5)

Considering Xmarks is a free program and service, it is a great value for those that need bookmark syncing. For those that spend much of their time on a single computer in a single browser, Xmarks may not be worth the download and install. However, it you work on multiple machines or switch back and forth between various browsers on a single machine, Xmarks is definitely worth taking a look at.

Xmarks screenshots

Xmarks Safari settings

Xmarks profiles page

Xmarks advance settings