iShow Invisible Review: See the Invisible Files on Your Mac

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There are a lot of files on your Mac you may no be aware even exist. This is because they are invisible to the user (in most cases) and in order to see them you have to do some pretty computer savvy things. However, there is an easier way to view invisible files than getting a degree in computer programing. Developed by Tom X, iShow Invisible is a program that allows you to see the invisible files on your Mac. Keep in mind you SHOULD NOT mess with this files if you don’t know what you are doing. They are invisible for a good reason. They help your Mac run properly and if you try to edit or delete them you could have major problems. Consider yourself warned.

Download and Installation (4 out of 5)

iShow Invisible is a simple program to download and install. You can download it from many websites, I like this one. Once it is on your desktop all you have to do it open the file and launch it. You don’t even have to copy it into your Applications folder. Just open the file on your desktop and there will be the iShow Invisible icon and a Read Me file. Clicking the iShow Invisible icon opens the program and you are good to go. Easy, like it should be.

Features (4 out of 5)

iShow Invisible isn’t crawling with features. It pretty much makes any invisible file on your Mac either visible or invisible, depending on what you want. When you open the program if will ask if you want to be shown the invisible files in your system. By clicking Show you will be able to see them anywhere on you Mac while the script is running. You then have the choice to either Hide the files again, Quit iShow Invisible without hiding them or Hide the files and Quit the program.

When the usually invisible files are visible the icons on my Mac look a bit faded, but they still function normally.

iShow Invisible

Usefulness (3 out of 5)

If you know what you are doing and need to access the invisible files on your Mac, this is a quick and easy way to do it. If you are just curious about what lies hidden it might be worth it to check out. It’s pretty interesting to know what is there that you can’t see, but don’t mess around with them. I’m not sure how useful this would be to someone who doesn’t need to access the files, but I could be wrong.

Overall (4 out of 5)

iShow Invisible does what it says it supposed to and performs quickly and without any glitches. The ease of use is welcome to those who don’t know how to make invisible files visible the hard way, and the options it gives users are welcome. All in all, its a great piece of freeware to check out if you think you’d like to.

Download iShow Invisible.