Task Manager and Getting Things Done Pt. 3

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By far one of the most widely used and one of the most popular GTD applications for the Mac is iGTD. This is really a great program and the best part is that it is free! There are plans for a “professional” version out soon that they will charge for. Right now you can download two versions of this program iGTD and iGTD2. iGTD2 is the first public alpha release and will only run on Leopard. The beta release of iGTD will also run on Leopard but is a little more buggy. iGTD also supports Quicksilver, but seemingly in OSX 10.4 only as I was never able to get the actions to work in 10.5. iGTD2 is has a little nicer interface then the beta release. One real great thing about iGTD is that the developer has created a ton of useful information on the web site, which is chock full of tutorials and principals of use.

Even with all the great information that the web site provides, it is a little light on the actual “how to” part. That being said, the application was easy to figure out how to use. iGTD2 contains a tabbing feature that is great for multiple uses. You can have a tab for inbox, tasks, notes, etc., iGTD2 also contains some quick buttons that make working with the application easier. All in all it took me about a half hour to really be able to get into the program and start using it.

While iGTD2 is fairly easy to use, I felt the interface let it down considerably compared to the other GTD applications I have tried out. The angled icons feel slightly clumsy to me and their use isn’t immediately apparent. I’m not sure it’s an app I’d like to use every day for that reason. Having said that, iGTD2 has some great features, like the tabs, that the others lack, and it would be a shame to refuse it on looks alone. It will be interesting to see how the interface develops nearer the final release.

In the integrating and synching area iGTD2 works pretty much as the other apps did. However there is no iCal or Mail support and no iPhone application either.

iGTD2’s killer function is without a doubt the tabbing. Being able to have one tab active for the inbox and another for tasks is handy. The ability to quickly add tasks using a click from the OSX menu bar will also be a clincher for those who fear keyboard shortcuts.

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