How to Replace an Apple Macbook Charger

How to Replace an Apple Macbook Charger
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Long Battery Life? You’ll Still Need to Recharge!

A brand new Apple MacBook has a typical battery charge of up to 10 hours, which means that for most uses you would probably have to charge the device only once per day.

This affords plenty of opportunity to do work wirelessly wherever you are, and you might even find yourself playing games and editing images and video while sitting on the side of a mountain.

However with the opportunities a greatly improved battery life offers, you might find yourself forgetting one important thing.

The charger.

But don’t fret. Buying a replacement Apple MacBook charger isn’t difficult and you should be able to find one wherever you are.

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Finding an Apple MacBook Charger

If you have found yourself travelling without your Apple MacBook charger, the first thing you need to do is to identify a suitable outlet from which to purchase a replacement. While there are Apple stores in many cities they are not ubiquitous, so a suitable supplies merchant or perhaps a licensed dealer might be a good alternative.

One word of note: if you have travelled abroad without your Apple MacBook charger, you would perhaps have had to make this shopping trip whether you had forgotten your original charger or not.

Due to the differences in electricity voltage and connections around the world, it is safer to charge your MacBook with a charger designed for the native connections and voltage rather than rely on a travel adaptor. While you might have a dedicated Apple Magsafe adapter for your charger, if you’ve forgotten your charger, chances are you don’t have this either.

Choosing the Right Apple MacBook Charger

An Apple MacBook charger

When you have identified a suitable outlet for an Apple MacBook charger, you will need to make a note of the Apple MacBook model you own. The model number can be found on the box your laptop came in – probably not something you have travelled with. If you’re visiting an Apple store for a replacement charger, note down the serial number which can be found on the base or in the removable battery bay on older MacBooks.

With this information to hand you can then acquire the correct charger type for your MacBook - an Apple store Genius will be able to check your MacBook model based on the serial number and sell you a suitable replacement charger.

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Other Replacement Chargers

If you’re staying in your new location for any period of time you might opt to purchase a replacement charger online. Alternatively you might choose to track down an external battery.

Retailers such as Amazon will ship MacBook accessories, and they supply both original Apple gear as well as replacement accessories by Darktop and other third party suppliers.

Whichever product you choose from whatever retailer, a valuable lesson has been learned. You won’t want to forget your Apple MacBook charger again!