Mac Software: iTool Tips

Mac Software: iTool Tips
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Free Maintenance for Your Mac!

One of the key differences between Mac OS X and Windows is the inclusion of utilities for managing things like disk space. For years Apple users have dismissed the need for such utilities, perhaps claiming that the operating system doesn’t require unused items to be removed.

If only this were true. While remaining a bastion of stylish design, a Mac computer is as prone to getting filled up with useless junk as any PC or laptop powered by Windows. The lack of a decent set of disk management utilities over the years has in face been a danger to the longevity of Macs, and the arrival of suitable Mac software has been overdue. ITool is a prime example of such a vital utility.

Feature Packed Utility

As Mac software goes, iTool is a winner. Cleaning up temporary and log files is only part of its functionality. Available free from, iTool can also be used to tweak the Mac Dashboard and the Dock, force close the Finder, clean the cache, cookies and history of Safari, Firefox 2 and Camino, repair permissions, repair email, show active processes and close any processes that shouldn’t be running, and much, much more.

You might be expecting to pay through the nose for such a comprehensive collection of tools – but remarkably, iTool is available absolutely free!

Quick to Download, Easy to Use

Running tasks in iTools for Mac

Visiting the download site, you’ll find that there are a few distracting adverts; however iTools itself can be quickly and easily downloaded to your Mac, and installation uses up a tiny 3MB.

Open Applications (SHIFT + APPLE + A) to run iTool – from here, you will have access to the collection of utilities it provides, each of which can be selected to run individually or in series. Activating a maintenance task to perform is a simple task of ticking the appropriate box, and then clicking the Run button. If you’re worried about the effect of any changes you make, iTool gives you quick access to launch Time Machine and make a backup before proceeding.

This is all possible thanks to a simple user interface and a comprehensive collection of useful utilities that can not only enhance the way your Mac runs, they can also help to protect privacy. For instance, the Internet tools can be used to clear both standard cookies and Flash cookies from any browser you happen to be using.

Itool: Top Mac Software

Mac software of this quality is rarely free. If you haven’t already been persuaded to download iTool already, you really should take that step now and visit This software will change the way you use your Mac, and for the better too.

In fact it is a crime that you even have to download iTool - Mac software as good as this should be included in OS X, period.