How to email a pdf document on the Mac

How to email a pdf document on the Mac
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Emailing a PDF Through Mail

Emailing a PDF document, or any document or file, is very easy to do. For the purposes of this article I will be discussing Apple’s Mail program. The same methods discussed should work with any email program, but might vary slightly from what I discuss here.

To email a PDF file from Mail do the following:

1. Open Mail and create a new email by clicking “New Message.”

2. An email will open like any other time. Address the email and add a subject.

3. If you want to include text (Ie. a message) with the PDF file type that in the message area.

4. Now it is time to attach the file. Click the “Attach” icon that looks like a paperclip. (This icon and name is what will probably differ the most from email program to email program.)

5. After clicking that button a window will open resembling a window you would open or save a file with. However, instead of opening and saving a file you are attaching it. Find the file on your computer an click it once and click the “Choose file” button, or just double click the file.

To insert more than one file hold the command key while clicking the multiple files. This will highlight those files as you click them.

6. The files icon will now appear in your email and you can click send. There is a good chance you will see a preview of the document instead of the icon. Either way is confirmation that the file has been attached successfully.

7. Send the email.

Drag and Drop

There is a quicker method for placing a PDF document into an email. It involves dragging and dropping. To do this method do one of the following:

1. Drag and drop the PDF file to the Mail program’s icon in your dock. Mail will open and an email will be composed with the file attached. You only have to address the email, add a subject, add any message, and press send.

2. Open mail and get a new email ready. This time drag and drop the file to the blank email. It will instantly be attached. As in number one, all that is left to do is address the email, add a subject, add any message, and press send.

If you want to attach multiple files to the email you can drag and drag each file to the document one at a time, or drag multiple files together.

Emailing a PDF document on your Mac is just that simple. The methods described above are not limited to PDF documents. These methods work for any file or files you want to attach to an email.

Leave your file attaching tips below.