How to embed watermarks in pictures on your mac

How to embed watermarks in pictures on your mac
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Why watermark?

One of the most common questions that I hear when the topic of watermarking pictures comes up is why would anyone want to do that to their lovely pictures. As some one who has been taking photographs professionally for a long time, I cringe when someone clicks pictures with the date stamp feature turned on! After all, it is a digital camera and the date along with other information like light levels as well as the coordinates of the location where you took the picture if you’ve got GPS enabled is stored in the photograph’s meta data. So why would I be telling you how you can watermark your pictures? Simple, because I believe that every photographer has the right to protect their work and the need to do so becomes a lot more important if you are a professional.

Before everyone out there with their off the shelf Canon DSLR starts to call themselves that, when I say professional photographer I mean that you pay your bills with your photographs and by providing your services as a photographer. For the record, let me state that I have nothing against any DSLR — I just like my good old Leica better.

Isn’t there another way?

Ah yes, I see there are still some purists out there that I need to convert to the school of watermarking. Sure there are other methods you could use when it comes to protecting your images. You could layer the image with a transparent .gif, which is what Flickr does or you could always disable the right click on your website but either of those methods is easily overruled by the ‘Print Screen’ command on your computer. And if you’ve got a Mac, then you can press Cmd+Shift+3 and do the same thing. So the best way to protect your image is to watermark it. It may not stop your work from being plagiarized, but just might get you some free publicity.

I don’t have PhotoShop!

Worry not reader, for neither do I. Atleast not on my home computer. You need to go ahead and get your self iWatermark by the guys at Plum Amazing. At $20 it is a reasonable buy for everyone who is looking to get a lot of images watermarked and boasts a slew of amazing features like the ability to bookmark an entire folder of images at once as well as scale them in one go!

$20 is too much…

Picture 3

Well, aren’t you a tough lot to please? The JetPhoto Studio is a great way to watermark all the images that you’ve got on your computer for the unbeatable price of free. The big surprise here is that for a free application, this one is better designed than the paid iWatermark and the software has a very Mac GUI feel to it which makes iWatermark look like a windows port! There is a detailed tutorial here which will show you how to use JetPhoto Studio to watermark your images for free in under 3 minutes. So there it is folks, an easy way to watermark your work for free and make sure that your rivals aren’t showing off your work as their own!