Cheap, Effective, Hard Case Protection for Macbook Pro - Incase Hardshell

Cheap, Effective, Hard Case Protection for Macbook Pro - Incase Hardshell
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Why buy hard case protection for your MacBook Pro

The easiest way to ensure that your MacBook Pro gets adequate protection is to buy a hard case that has been made for the computer itself since unlike normal computer bags and sleeves a hard case needs to fit perfectly with your computer’s shape and size. There are many popular cases on the market like the metal-polycarbonate hybrid plastic case offered by Rhinoskin as well as the complete computer briefcase that is offered by the guys over at Radtech Overall, however, it is the clear and frosted hard cases that are the most popular.


The best selling hard case for the MacBook Pro is the see through plastic type that is made by Spec. If you are looking for something similar but in a frosted finish then read on because the next paragraph has the right case for you.

Making a case for the Incase MacBook Pro Case


The Incase MacBook Pro case is one of Incase’s best-sellers has ever put out on the market. Officially knows as the Incase Hardshell Case for Macbook Pro, the case is something of an aesthetic beauty. Since the case is translucent, it lets you show off your MacBook while still retaining a certain air of individualistic design about it. After all, how many people do you know who have orange colored MacBooks?

Don’t let the Incase Hardshell fool you though as this case packs in as much in the function department as it does in the style department. Sure you don’t get a lot of rubber padded surfaces like you do in other cases like the ones made by Booq, but then in this case you also don’t have to worry about carrying the extra bulk around! It’s all lean, mean and transparently clean when it comes to the Incase MacBook Pro Case which you can check out here.


The biggest advantage to using a hard shell case by Incase is that not only does the case protect your notebook while you are carrying it but also offers protection when you’re using it out in the open. If you look at the pictures, you’ll realize that this isn’t a case that you just slip on and off your MacBook Pro but is something that is intended to stay on 24/7 giving you protection as well as convenience.

Another feature worth mentioning are the raised rubber feet on the case which make for a little more ground clearance than your traditional hard case and since the case also mimics the original spacing and the cutes of the metal when it comes to vents, you don’t have to concern yourself with worries of your MacBook Pro heating up — something that I have tested with one of the new unibody MacBook Pros.

Still not sure?

If the Incase isn’t the one perfect case that you are looking for then you need to head over the The Best MacBook Pro Covers article which reviews some unique cases in a quick fashion and between that article and this one, you’ve pretty much got the hard case problem covered.