My Favourite Sources for Mac OSX Wallpaper

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This site has some of the most stunning photography I have ever seen from photographers all over the world. If you are looking for quality Mac OSX wallpaper, make this your first stop.

How to Use Interfacelift to Find Mac OSX Wallpaper

Interfacelift is divided into three tiers: Section, Sort By and Resolution. In Section, you can search for Mac OSX wallpaper by artist, downloads or tags. I found searching by tag is the most fun because you can find wallpapers by subject or topic.

Find out which images are the most popular when you choose the ‘Downloads’ sort option in the Sort By section. You can also check out the most commented and the highest rating with the press of a button. By default, Interfacelift sorts by Date.

In the Resolution section, you can choose from nine different formats, including your iPad and iPhone.

I chose Interfacelift as my top favorite because of the sheer number and quality of Mac OSX wallpapers that is on this site. You can easily spend days looking through everything they have to offer.

Source: Interfacelift


I like the simple way that MacDesktops is laid out. The first thing you see is the recent submissions. As of this date, when you go to the website, you will see some gorgeous black and white floral photography in this category.

While I wasn’t able to choose my resolution, I was able to download and set one of these floral wallpapers with fantastic results on my four year-old iMac. The closest flowers are crisp and look almost 3D while the flowers in the background have the slightest pixelation.

The next sections are the Popular and Random Desktops. In the Random, you’ll see a variety of photo types. Look in the Categories display in the sidebar on the right side of the screen to get an idea of what you might see on any given day. has a wide variety of categories to fit any taste. For instance, I enjoy not only traditional photography, but I also like abstract design, 3D and gothic. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, trying searching by keyword, such as Halloween, to bring up all of the results for that keyword.

I chose as my second favorite resource because they have quality Mac OSX wallpaper designs and a simple interface in which to find them.

Source: MacDesktops

Mac Wallpapers

While not as sophisticated and popular as Interfacelift and MacDesktops, Mac Wallpapers has its gems, particularly in the Mac logo and horror category. I found the perfect Mac OSX wallpaper to get me in the mood to write my ghost stories. That said, you’ll find something for everybody on this wallpaper site.

Source: Mac Wallpapers


My goal with this article was to help you find the best sites offering Mac OSX wallpapers. The factors I took into account were quality, variety and compatibility. I hope these sites give you a good start in your search for the perfect wallpaper. Happy Hunting!