Resolving The iTunes.exe – Corrupt File Error Message Problem

Resolving The iTunes.exe – Corrupt File Error Message Problem
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Corrupt iTunes File

Usually iTunes and iPod will work on your computer quite smoothly and not give you any trouble. But at times the iPod file system becomes heavily fragmented and makes it difficult for the operating system to read data from the device. When this happens, you get a warning message in the Window system tray telling you that the iTunes.exe file has become corrupt and cannot be read.

This situation may cause you to panic but you should not. It is quite simple to fix the corrupt iTunes.exe file. Microsoft recommends running the Windows Chkdsk utility but the Apple’s method is far more effective. This will be enough to defragment your iPod and fix its file system.

Fixing The Corrupt iTunes File


This method will reset your iPod to factory settings and erase all your audio, video and other files. If you don’t have a backup of iPod data on your computer, you can opt for data recovery software like Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery to recover files from your iPod. Unfortunately, data recovery software will recover the data from your iPod but will not fix the corrupt iTunes file. To actually fix the corrupt file, here is what you can do:

First you will need to get the latest version of iTunes from Apple’s website. Install the program on your computer as usual and once the installation is complete, open iTunes and connect the iPod to your computer. Wait until the iPod icon appears in the left navigation panel of iTunes. Click on this icon and the information about the iPod will appear in the Summary tab on the iTunes program window. It’s here that you will see the Restore button. Click this button and the iTunes will show you three options – “Use Same Version,” “Use Newest Version,” and “Restore and Update.”

“Use Same Version” restores the iPod with the same software version that is currently installed on it. The “Restore and Update” and “Use Newest Version’ options both restore the iPod with the newest version of the software. Choose the option you want then click “Restore.”

Now the time-taking part comes in. Leave the iPod connected to your computer while the iPod software is being restored. You will see a progress indicator on the computer screen that will tell you how the restore process is progressing. A few minutes later you’ll see the Apple logo as a progress indicator on your iPod. It’s very important that during the restore process you don’t interrupt the restore process or disconnect your iPod.

Once the restore is complete, rename your iPod from the iTunes setup window and set your syncing preferences. You will notice that your iPod is empty. It is because iTunes automatically removes all of the playlists and files when before the restore process. To transfer your multimedia files back to your iPod, click on the “Sync Now” button in the “Summary” tab of the iTunes window.

You’re done! Your iPod file system and the iTunes.exe file are fixed. You will no longer receive the corrupt iTunes.exe file error now.

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