How to Install Snow Leopard on PC Using VMware Workstation Player

How to Install Snow Leopard on PC Using VMware Workstation Player
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Load the Mac OS X Snow Leopard Install DVD

Make sure to refer to the first part of this series to find out how to get started and what you need to install the Mac OS on a PC.

Click the edit virtual machine settings icon, located under the server tab in VMware Workstation. If you want, you can make adjustments to the hard drive size, RAM memory, etc…

Select the option CD/DVD (IDE). Under connection settings, select “Use ISO Image File.” Click the Browse button. Go to the Snowy_VM folder and find the Darwin_Snow.ISO file. Click to select it and click the Open button.


config virtual machine

Click the button labeled “Power on this virtual machine.” As soon as you start to see the virtual machine starting up, hold down the F8 key on your keyboard. This will bring you to the boot menu.

boot menuGet your Mac OS X Snow Leopard Retail install disc and load it into your PC’s CD/DVD drive. Right-click the icon that looks like a CD in the lower right side of the VMware Workstation screen. Select settings from the quick menu.

cd iconLocate the Connections section and select Use Physical Drive. Click the Save and Exit button.

virtual machine settings

Now, locate the boot screen that you used before (where you pushed F8). Select option C, boot from DVD. Press F8 on your keyboard to get to the advanced options screen. Type -v and hit the enter key. You screen should now be loading. It may take a couple of minutes to start up.

prompt screenYou should now have the OS X Snow Leopard installer window on your screen. Click continue when you receive the first screen. On the second screen, select utilities from the top navigation bar, and select disk utility from the quick menu. Format the virtual hard drive to OS X Journaled. After you are finished, exit disk utility and continue through the steps to install OS X.

After Snow Leopard gets done installing, your virtual machine will restart. To get back into Snow Leopard for this first time, select CD/DVD options. Click the option to use ISO image file, instead of boot from CD/DVD. Find Darwin_Snow.iso and select it. Power on your virtual machine and adjust any settings that you would like from within Snow Leopard.


Final Adjustments

That’s how to install Mac OS on PC. However, you may notice that some things aren’t working right. Maybe the sound, video, drivers, etc… VMware products use a utility called VMware Tools to automatically recognize your PC’s settings and drivers on the virtual machine. Copy the Snowy VM folder into Snow Leopard. From there, open up the folder and find the file darwin_snow.iso. Double click the file to mount darwin_snow.iso using Snow Leopard. You will be prompted to install VMware Tools. Follow the prompts to install VMware Tools and restart your Snow Leopard virtual machine. Upon restart, OS X should boot up using your PCs drivers, fixing any sound or display issues. That’s all there is to it. You should now have an official install of Snow Leopard using VMware Workstation Player.

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