Overview of Mac Novel Writing Programs

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Novel writing software for Mac can make it a lot easier to fulfill your dream of becoming an author. With self-publishing and print-on-demand (POD) technology you might not even need to beg a traditional publisher to show your art to the world. This guide outlines the in’s and out’s of three novel writing software programs; two of which also would enable you to write a screenplay for the film and television world.

Choosing special writing software can bring a lot of benefits to your creative endeavors. Traditional word processing programs are excellent ways to create documents. However, for novelists they do have several shortcomings. Word or Works can’t tell you how to format your novel or screenplay for that potential agent or publisher. Also, most creative writing-specific software programs come with helpful tools to help you with fictional plots, character development and even time management. The modest investment required to purchase such a software program is usually a good deal all-around.


StoryWeaver enables you to write both screenplays and novels and may be your choice of novel writing software for Mac. A free demo is offered online for both Mac and Windows-based systems. As of 2010, the full program cost $29.95 which is a potentially good deal.

One of the advantages of StoryWeaver is the feature of 200 interactive “Story Cards” which can help you fully plot your novel or screenplay. The software also features a free bonus writer’s package with publishing and writing tips. Dissatisfied paying customers can get their money back under the 90-day satisfaction guaranteed program.


Storyist is another program that allows novel writing and screenwriting. The program at $59 (as of 2010) is pricier than some of its competitors. But it has some pretty prolific Mac-world testimonials backing its usefulness. “The Mac Observer,” “The Unofficial Apple Weblog” and “Apple Downloads” all laud Storyist as a premier novel writing software for Mac.

One of the program’s most potentially useful functions is electronic sticky notes, which enables authors to return later to specific areas of the story as they wish. A full-screen editing view also helps eliminate potential distractions (such as Facebook games!) so the author can fully concentrate on writing that great American novel or award-winning screenplay.


StoryMill is highly ranked by publications like “Macworld” and focuses on novel writing. So those who want only to write a novel may wish to select this software package, which cost $49.95 as of 2010.

One of the program’s special functions is a timeline construction, which allows the novel writer to visually see the story’s framework. Those grappling with time management issues- which can murder your novel before it even begins- will be pleased to learn StoryMill keeps this problem in mind. You can use the software’s progress tracker function to determine if you truly are keeping to your planned writing schedule.