Free Wallpaper for Mac Computers & Other Mac Desktop Backgrounds

Free Wallpaper for Mac Computers & Other Mac Desktop Backgrounds
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Mac Computers

This is a list of free wallpapers for Mac computers. They are all Apple themed in one way or another. Replace your default Apple background with one of these. Links provided. Know of any other good wallpapers? Leave a link and comment below.

This is a compilation. We only provide thumbs of the wallpapers. Visit the links to go to the actual wallpaper to use.

Smoking Apple Black and White Wallpaper

Black Apple logo on a black background. White base with reflection. Apple logo appears to be smoking.


Green Apple Paint Splatter Wallpaper

ben adamson wallpaper

Apple logo created with splattered paint effect on a green real look wallpaper background.

link - Ben Adamson

Gold Laminated Apple Logo on Gold Background

fabio perez wallpaper

Gold gradient Apple logo background with a yellow radiant background.

link - Fabio Perez

Apple Hard Wood Indented Apple Logo With Top Lighting

rosen krieger wallpaper

All wood grained background with Apple logo embossed. Light accents near top of the wallpaper.

link - Rosen Krieger

Side of an Apple Store Logo Wallpaper

atreide wallpaper

Free wallpaper for Mac computers reminiscent to the side of an Apple store. Overall grid design.

link - Atreide

Black Space Apple Wallpaper With White Logo and Purple Radiation

skate addiction wallpaper

Black background Apple wallpaper with white logo and purple radial gradient.

link - Skate Addiction

Light Grays Painted Camo Apple Wallpaper

joseph wallpaper

Multi colored melted camo background that blends with Apple logo.

link - Josh Joseph

Apple XP Hills Wallpaper

linux apple wallpaper

Apple wallpaper with logo planted in the side of a hill. The original take of this wallpaper was a stock theme that came with Windows XP. Modified for Apple.


macjag wallpaper

An Apple wallpaper for golfers and golf fans. Apple logo reminiscent to a golf ball with iGolf logo and grass background.

link - Macjag

Burning Wood iPhone Wallpaper

wonder wallpaper

A background for iPhone lovers. Image features an iPhone lit on fire with a light, hard wood background.

link - Wonder

Metal Honey Comb Distorted Apple Wallpaper

fi2 shift wallpaper

Apple Wallpaper with a dirty metal, honey comb implanted background. White Apple logo.

link - Fi2 Shift

Classic Apple Logo with Icon background

advent wallpaper

This wallpaper features the original multi-colored Apple logo. The background is made up of several different Mac icon logos.

link - Advent

Galactic Apple Space Wallpaper

jet wallpaper

Another space wallpaper. Black gradient Apple logo with blue and purple radial gradients. Star space background.

link - JetC21

Black Leather Holes Apple Logo Wallpaper

betts wallpaper

Apple wallpaper with a shiny logo. Background is a all black leather hole pattern.

link - Adam Betts

Apple X Out Wallpaper

xmac wallpaper

Black background wallpaper with large glossy x. Cut apple logo in center.

link - Using Mac (Flickr)

Apple Pirate Logo Wallpaper

skull mac wallpaper

Skull and crossbones pirate flag Apple logo. Black background with all white logo. Blue radial gradient.

link - Using Mac (Flickr)

Lava Lamp Apple Projection Wallpaper

lava mac wallpaper

Photograph Apple wallpaper with a light projected Apple logo, shining on the wall through a blue lava lamp.

link - Flickr

Wallpaper Usage

All of these are great free wallpapers for Mac computers. If you are going to use any of them, why not leave the artist some feedback? Thank him/her for their work and maybe they will put out more wallpapers. Most artists really enjoy feedback, as it lets them know that people appreciate their work.