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Internet Explorer for Mac OS

Internet Explorer Mac Version made its debut for Apple Mac computers in January of 1996. It was not bundled with the operating system, but had to be downloaded separately from the Microsoft website. The first release was a beta version, and several updates and bug fixes followed even after the real release.

Internet Explorer Mac Version 3.0

Internet Explorer Mac Version continued to be developed and enhanced with different features. Later in 1996, the same year the first version was released for download, Microsoft began working on an enhanced version of the program for Mac computer systems. IE 3.0 for Mac computers was finally released for use in January of 1997 and included enhanced features such as JavaScript capabilities and a Cookie Manager. The final version was not released until May of 1997 when all the “kinks” had finally been worked out of the program.

Apple and Microsoft Partners?

When it came time to release Internet Explorer Mac Version 4.0, Steve Jobs, the president of Apple, and Bill Gates, the president of Microsoft, had agreed to a partnership. Version 4.0 was released in January of 1999 and, due to this newfound partnership, the program was finally released as part of the Mac operating system. This version was finalized as Version 4.5.

The partnership continued into 2003, but ended with the release of Internet Explorer Mac Version 5.0. Version 5.0 became the first version of Internet Explorer developed by Apple for their computers and bundled with their operating system. In June of 2003, Apple released the finalized version of IE that had been developed strictly by the company without the aid of Microsoft. This latest version of Internet Explorer for the Mac had many enhanced features such as a built in auction manager to watch E-bay auctions right from the toolbar and color choices that could be set by the user to match the colors of their new PC.


Internet Explorer on the Mac platform has many features that make it comparable to other browers, such as Mac’s native Safari and the popular Mozilla Firefox. Tabbed browsing, enhanced compatibility with secure networks, and security enhancements are just some of the features available.

The software is fully customizable with themes and ad-ons available for download from the Microsoft IE Macintosh page. Additional security features, including a pop-up blocker, make the program safer and more stable for Mac users than ever before. Furthermore, enhanced Java Support results in web pages displaying with greater ease and fewer problems.

While users of Internet Explorer for Mac report that there is still some instability that causes the browers to crash on occasion, in general, the newest version has proven to be a more stable and secure Internet browser for those on a Mac computer seeking the IE experience.