How To Troubleshoot MobileMe When Things Go Wrong

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When You have Trouble with MobileMe…

I have been a MobileMe member for many years. In fact, I was a .mac member before it became MobileMe. Many people don’t like MobileMe. I love it. I use it for email and I sync my iPod Touch and computer’s iCal and Address Book with Mobile me. Most importantly, I use MobileMe for my website and for sharing videos of my son with family.

Recently, I had a mess on my hands trying to upload a video through iMovie to my MobileMe Gallery. I kept on getting and error when uploading through iMovie and when I was finally able to get the movie uploaded people would visit the page and get an error telling them the page was being updated when it was already finished updating.

First Try the MobileMe Support Pages

I couldn’t solve these problems myself so I hit the computer for help. First stop? The Mobile Me support pages at Here you will find several lists of problems and solutions posted by Apple. Possibly more importantly, you can check the status of MobileMe from this page. IIn the top right of the page you will see “System Status.” This will tell you if MobileMe is running as it should be, or if there are some problem going on.

Or for Help, Try the Forums

Next step? Apple’s discussion boards. If you have never used Apple’s discussion boards for help, you should give it a try. You post a problem and within hours you will probably have someone posting a response to help you. I even post responses from time to time to help people out. You can also search the discussions and see if other people are having the same problem as you. You can find discussions here:

You use your Apple ID to log in. If you don’t have one you can quickly set one up.

And then Try Chat

Third step? Chat with MobileMe support. On the MobileMe support page mentioned above you can chat with an Apple support representative through your computer. It is a little hidden and you have to do a few clicks to get to it. On the left hand side of the page are the support topics. Click through those topics and subtopics (probably only two clicks) and eventually and chat button will appear. Click the chat button and you will be connected to a representative. I waited no more than one minute to be connected to a person.

The chat system works great. Unfortunately my problem wasn’t solved in the limited amount of time I had to chat with someone. I had to keep ending the session and coming back later. I was given a case number so that each time I reconnected I gave that case number and the person could see what was done so far. A great system.

Hopefully, one of these options will work for you. One final idea, which I have to remember to try, open Disk Utility and repair permissions. Repairing permissions fixes a lot of issues. It even fixes issues that you wouldn’t think it would fix.

Good Luck and post your methods for solving MobileMe issues below.