4 Must Have Apps For Your Mac

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Dropbox- Free for 2gb of storage www.dropbox.com

I just recently started using Dropbox and it is fantastic! What is Dropbox? It is a way to transfer files too large for email from you to another person or from one of your computers to the next. It is fantastic and I find myself using it all of the time.

After setting up a free Dropbox account, installing Dropbox puts a folder on your Mac called “Dropbox.” Any file you drop into this folder will be shared with anyother computer you have your Dropbox set up on. You can also email links to files in your Dropbox for sharing via email and downloading. There is even an iPhone/iPod app. I haven’t found a use for the app, but it is there for those who will.

Dropbox is great. You get 2gb of free storage and if you need more there are different pricing plans for various amounts.

Gmail Notifier- Free https://toolbar.google.com/gmail-helper/notifier_mac.html

If you have a Gmail account you want gmail notifier. It is a little app by Google that runs in your menubar. When your Gmail account receives new email it tells you and it gives you the subject of the email and who it is from. It supports multiple accounts too, for those of use with more than one Gmail account. With Gmail Notifier installed there is not need to keep logging into gmail and seeing if you have new mail.

Meteorologist- Free https://heat-meteo.sourceforge.net/

Meteorologist is how I check the weather on my Mac. It sits in my menubar and gives constant updates on the weather and up to date forecasts. You can set it for multiple locations and check the alternate locations from the Meteorologist menu with the default location displayed all of the time. A great free app.

NetNewsWire https://www.newsgator.com/INDIVIDUALS/NETNEWSWIRE/ - Free (ad supported)

If you are addicted to RSS feeds like I am you will want NetNewsWire. It is the best RSS reader client for your desktop. I keep trying to get away from it and try other apps out there, but I keep coming back to NNW. The current version syncs with Google Reader, which is great if you have other computers or devices with Google Reader compatible RSS readers. The free version is ad supported, and you can eliminate the ads with the paid version.

There is also an iPhone/iPod app for NNW. I have it and don’t use it. Last time I used it, the app was very buggy and I did not like it at all. There is an ad supported and paid version of the app too, if you want to check them out.

There you go. Four free and useful apps for you Mac. Don’t just sit there- start downloading!