Uses of Old Mac computers

Uses of Old Mac computers
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Good Uses of Old Mac Computers

Over 10-year-old Mac computers that are no longer in use still have many good potential uses. These computers aren’t as powerful as the computers we have with us now, but we can certainly use these old computers for Word processing, Web browsing and playing small games. Some old Macs can also be used as Web Servers. So, if you have an old Mac lying around in your house, don’t throw it in trash or reclyle it, use it because it still can do many things.

Most Mac computers come with high performance hardware and if you have an old Apple Quadra or Performa, these ones were the professional and high-end computers. You can still use them for doing a variety of jobs like making presentations, doing word processing, playing nice games, etc. If you want to have your own Web Server, why buy a new Mac, just use your Quadra or Performa, these are good enough to be a Web Server.

The G3 series of Mac computers like Power Mac 9600, 7300, 8600 are still very useful computers. The White and Blue G3 are upgradable computers and can still be used today for doing variety of jobs.

Word processing programs like Ms Word or Claris Works are very useful for all your word processing needs. Firefox and some other web browsers can very well run on old Macs. You can use AIM 4.3 and can even share your files over it. There are also text-based browsers available for very old Mac computers. Many old Macs had Etherner built-in and if they didn’t, you can buy and install an Ethernet card from a Mac store and install on about any old Mac. Networking can be done through Ethernet or a SCSI port, so you have options for your networking needs in old Macs. There are many applications available that let you create a network between a Mac and a PC.

Old portable Macs can also be very useful especially if they have a wireless card installed. If it does not have a wireless card installed, check for a wireless card slot. You can buy an external wireless device to make your old Mac wireless for basic Web browsing and networking. Some old Macs may even have a CD or DVD player installed, so you can use it as a portable CD/DVD player for playing music or watching videos.

You can also use old Mac computers for learning. You can give it to someone who has never used a computer or to a child. There could be many more such uses of old Mac computers, so do not throw it away when you can bring it to your use. What good uses have you found for your older Macs? Let us know in the comment section.

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