Mac mini won’t turn on : Troubleshooting steps

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Troubleshooting Mac Mini

If you press the power button on your Mac mini but it does not turn on, you might experience the following:

• You do not hear fan noise or the hard disk’s spinning noise.

• You do not hear a chime.

• The power button in the front of your Mac mini does not light up.

If such situations occur and your Mac mini won’t turn on, try each of the troubleshooting steps given below:

  1. First of all, ensure that the power cable is plugged into power socket and that it is properly connected to the power adaptor. (You can test the power socket by plugging in a lamp or any other electrical device.)
  1. Ensure that the adapter is properly connected to your Mac mini’s power port.

  2. Disconnect all the external devices plugged into your Mac mini, such as iPod, hub, scanner, printer, or anything else that might be connected to your Mac mini.

  3. Reset the Power Management Unit (PMU). Click here for reset instruction. If your Mac mini is Intel-based, then reset the System Management Controller (SMU). Instructions for resetting SMU can be found here.

  4. Try plugging another power cable into your Mac mini (if you’ve a tested one available).

If your Mac mini still won’t start up after trying all the above steps then you should contact Apple technical support or take your Mac mini to a local Apple Authorized Service Provider or an Apple Store for diagnosis.

If your Mac turns on but does not show any video, you might experience the following symptoms:

  • You might hear a startup beep
  • You might hear fan noise or the hard disk’s spinning noise
  • You might see that the power button lights up.

If you see such symptoms the display does not show any video, see the Mac mini video troubleshooting instructions here