Top 10 software apps for encryption for your Mac

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Encryption Apps For Mac OS X


Shimo was designed to replace Cisco’s unfriendly VPNClient for Mac operating system. Shimo works very well with Mac OS and implements its interface only with important features. Its interface merges very well with the Mac OS’s interface and is very simple to use. It offers notifications, Cisco compatibility, growl support, saving of passwords in a keychain and shortcuts for fast connect and disconnect.


iProtector protects private and sensitive documents, pictures, videos, sound files, pdf, database and excel files on your hard disk. It lets you lock and unlock your files and folders in 20+ different encryption formats.


Crypt is a great application for encrypting and decrypting your files and folders with a password. The 3.0 version of Crypt uses strong 256bit AES encryption to protect password breakage.

Remember that when you apply encryption to your documents, you must remember the chosen password, writing it down overcomes the purpose of security.


Pastor is a small program that stores your passwords, program’s serial numbers and website logins, etc. It is password protected, RC4-encrypted and a built-in password generator. It is very easy to use and ideal for users with basic encryption needs.


Fugu) is a front-end to the command line tool for secure file transfer. It uses SFTP (Secure File Transfer protocol), which encrypts the entire session that makes it much less exposed to a third party. Fugu also allows you to create and use secure tunnels using SSH.

Pod Secret

Pod Secret allows you to store variety of information such as credit card, passport, driver’s license information or any other information on a removable disk like a Flash drive, iPod or your mobile phone for easy portable access.


Tresor is an easy-to-use application that encrypts your files and folders with high security. Its compression functions enable encryption and compression in a single pass. The Filter functions help you automate difficult encryption tasks, eliminating the need to use complex and risky scripts.


SecretService lets you encode your text in all OS X applications. Just highlight the text you wish to encode, open the Services menu and select SecretService to encode/decode the text; the text will change immediately and a new window will open showing the coded text.


AutoKrypt encrypts and decrypts your files and folders by using encryption methods such as secret key, public and private key, OpenPG and OpenPGP password. AutoKrypt also includes OpenPGP and private/public key generator. Its other tasks include copy, encrypt, decrypt, synchronize, zip, unzip and file monitors.

Pict Encrypt

Pict Encrypt is easy to use Steganography software that allows you hide a text message inside a picture with just a few clicks. This is a very efficient way for protecting your important information by hiding it in an image because no one can guess that an image is hiding a message in it.