How to keep your Mac OS X cache clean ?

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How To Clean Your Mac Cache?

A little search for a cleaning utility on the Internet will find us many tools that claim to clean your Mac and remove unnecessary things. Among those is MacCleanse, which is a complete solution available that does all the cleaning jobs.

Many Mac users are not aware that a Mac computer collects and stores different information, at times useful but often not. For example, a Mac remembers the most recent opened URLs, folders, applications and different documents.

Mac also has the Trash, the clipboard, font caches, temporary files and more. Applications such as Firefox, Camina and others store download information, cookies, URL history, site icons, data form information and even passwords. Some chat utilities also leave contact details, conversation history in various caches on the Mac. All this information just sits on the Mac, consuming the space, growing and some files can even slow down Mac’s performance.

MacCleanse easily removes caches, cookies, website history, installation logs, chat logs, user logs, mail logs and more, left by Mac and third-party applications. MacCleanse also allow you to remove one by one or a group of them. Cleaning the cache will not only allow your Mac to run faster but also let you get back hundreds of MBs of the storage space that you could use for other purposes.

What’s the other advantage of cleaning? Look at our time; identity theft and personal privacy are some of the major issues for many computer users. MacCleanse ensures that all the personal information is removed from your Mac lest it comes into the hands of an intruder.

MacCleanse is one of the most thorough cache cleaners but comes for a small price. It is easily available from Internet to download, the trial version works for 15 days and the full version can be purchased for $19.95. MacCleanse is a small-sized application and works with Mac OS X 10.4 or later.