Radioshift - Radio on your Schedule

Radioshift - Radio on your Schedule
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The DVR has changed the way we watch Television and has become an essential part of our lifestyle. Now that the internet has brought together the world in such close quarters how about some world radio. We all have our favorite radio stations and now that the world is just a click away we are able to listen to programming from different parts of the world. But do we have the time to sit down to listen to all these programs when they air? Thats exactly where Radioshift comes in.

Introducing Radioshift

Radioshift is an application from Rogue Amoeba Software that serves as a DVR for your online radio stations. Online radio has been a phenomenon for quite some time now and you can get more from it with the help of Radioshift. Online radios bring you a plethora of programs offering great choice to your listening habits. But, who has the time to listen to all of them when they air live, we all live in different time zones and have different schedules to keep! Radioshift allows you to record your radio programs on your computer and even transfer it to itunes so that you can listen to them on the go.

Features & Interface

The interface is fabulous and designed to mimic the itunes interface. The Radio guide screen comes with the option of first selecting the radio stations that you are interested in based on location/genre or allows you to search for specific radio stations. Once you’ve selected your station of interest, the app downloads the programming schedule of the station and allows you to setup recording parameters. Now given the number of stations that the Radioguide brings, its possible that some stations do not have the program schedules accessible, in such a case if you already know the timing of a particular show - you can manually add station subscription where you just enter the timings when the recording should start and stop. That’s it, you are all set and ready to go. The app records the show at the specific time and the recording showy up on the subscriptions panel of the application. You can also choose to send the recordings to your ipod or iphone for listening on the go.


Radio Time Shift Software

Since the internet has become the go to place for everything from news to entertainment, it makes sense that we try to employ the best available tools to get to the sources that we want and consume them at our own pace. Perhaps, this solution is best practiced in the world of Tivo based TV recordings, RSS readers etc. and now it has come to the online radio. Enjoy at your own pace! since we no longer consume media and news from a limited number of sources. When you are busy working, or having a good night sleep, there is something interesting happening in some corner of the world and the power of the internet can be bring it to you - infact to your ipod, so that you can catch up while driving to work!