Learn How to Convert AVI to MOV Video Files using DivX Doctor 2

Learn How to Convert AVI to MOV Video Files using DivX Doctor 2
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DivX Doctor II Description

DivX Doctor 2 updates DivX .avi videos to 3ivx QuickTime (.mov) videos. It is a light application that works on Mac OS. Currently, it has a Mac OS X version (recommended) and a Mac OS 9 version. The download size is only 356 kb. You will need QuickTime and the allotted hard disk space. It is also recommended for you to have the 3ivx MPEG-4 5.0 codec to make sure that the application will run smoothly on your Mac.

Visit the DivX Doctor 2 Website - https://3ivx.com/divxdoctor/

Why the need to convert AVI to MOV files?

There are different reasons why Mac users may wish to convert .avi to .mov video files. One of the most common reasons that I’ve encountered is that .avi files don’t work with iMovie and/or QuickTime Pro. So, if you wish to edit your video coverage with .avi, you can’t do it with iMovie and/or QuickTime Pro.

One popular digital video recording tool is called the Flip Video Camera. When I tried to edit the footage I have from my Flip Video Camera, I was unable to do it on the Mac. So, I had to learn how to convert my .avi files using DivX Doctor.

How DivX Doctor Works

Converting .avi files to .mov is very easy with DivX Doctor. All you need to do is to call the application and drag your .avi file to the space. You can add multiple .avi files in one run. Once you have all the files that you wish to convert, all you need to do is press ‘Start’ and the conversion will begin.

When the conversion is complete, you can then view your .mov files using QuickTime. Just make sure that you have the 3ivx MPEG-4 5.0 codec to avoid any issues. You can download the codec here - https://3ivx.com/download/macos.html

If that codec doesn’t work, you may be running MP41 or MP42 video. To download decoders for these formats check out:

MS-MPEG4v1 - https://homepage.mac.com/hmason/mac-ms-mpeg4v1/

MS-MPEG4v2 - https://homepage.mac.com/hmason/mac-ms-mpeg4v2/

For troubleshooting and questions, visit DivX Doctor 2’s forum - https://3ivx.com/forum/index.html.