Nambu: A Great Twitter Client for Mac OS X

Nambu: A Great Twitter Client for Mac OS X
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Nambu is a desktop client for many social sites: FriendFeed,,, and most importantly: Twitter.

Twitter has become one of the fastest growing social communities on the web. While some settle for sending their tweets using the Twitter website, others find it more comfortable to use a desktop client.

Nambu offers a great way to manage your Twitter messages on your desktop - with its sleek interface with a native Mac look and feel, accompanying Twitter tools, active app development by the creators - it is one of the many emerging apps that can rival already existing and popular Twitter desktop clients.

Form Meets Function

The interface and tools are simple enough that - at a glance - you can understand how to move around the app right away.

Nambu app

The app’s tool bar is straightforward. You can switch to whichever type of window layout you desire from the Views button, reload the message pool, and compose a new Twitter message. You can also search for a particular tweet or user by entering text in the search field for easier message management.

The left pane has a filter for Twitter messages - Home to view all, Replies to view messages directed to your @username, Private to view direct messages sent by other Twitter users, and Sent to view the message you’ve personally posted. You can mark certain messages so it can be viewed from the Favorites section. In addition, you can view the list of people following you and people you are following in Twitter and choose to add more or remove those already on the list. Other filters

Nambu offers the ability for you to group your users should you need to. You can create personal groups of your own, or settle with the default groups set by the app for you.

Another great feature of Nambu is when you launch the app, you get a badge number on the app and on its icon of your unread messages since your last launch.

It’s also important to note that Nambu is not just available in Mac OS X, but also in the App Store for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

AppStore App

It is offered free on the App Store and features the same easy to understand user interface and native OS look and feel for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


Nambu is a relatively fresh app, and it’s popularity can grow over time. The app is a great desktop Twitter companion for both Mac OS X and Apple’s mobile touch devices. Nambu’s active development also makes it a dependable app to use and can make many Twitter users happy with this free and lightweight desktop client.