Mac Basics and More Part Three - Screenshots to Ejecting a Disk

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The Tips

1. If you have to save an image off a website press the control key and click the image. A menu will appear. Choose the one that is or is similar to “Save image as " (this varies slightly in some browsers). A Save window will appear and you can save the file.

2. Need to capture a picture of what is on your screen? Here are two techniques. Command - 3 will take a picture of the entire screen. Command - 4. Will give you a crosshair. Click and drag over the portion of your screen you want a picture of. Both techniques will save a “Picture” file on your desktop. Each new picture will have a number to differentiate it. If you don’t want to remember those keyboard shortcuts there are several programs (free and pay) available for download. would be a good place to start searching.

3. Want to find a folder or file quicker? Label it with a color. Click the icon and choose “Label” from the file menu. Pick your color.

4. Another way to find a file quicker is put it at the top of the alphabetical list. To do this rename the file with a space at the beginning of the word.

5. Yet another way to quickly find a file if you know what folder it is in is to open the folder and type the first few letters of the file’s or folder’s name. You’ll be navigated to that file or at least around that file in the folder.

6. To eject a disc drag its icon to the trash. You can also press and hold the eject key on your keyboard. That is the key with the arrow and line beneath it and it is usually in the top right of the keyboard.

If you need to get a disc out while your computer is rrstatting click and hold your mouse on startup and the disc will pop out.

Look for part 4 of the series coming soon!

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