Tags - File tagging on the Mac made easy!

Tags - File tagging on the Mac made easy!
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Tags from Gravity Apps

Tags is an applications that will allow you to organise and search for files on your mac using tags. If you are user of say delicious, flickr etc. then you’re defintiely not new to the concept of tagging. However taking the concept of tagging to organise files on your hard drive has been a little stretch for sometime. Now with Tags you can have the power of organising your files with easy to remember and sensible tags which you’ve been using in other web applications.

Interface for Tagging (5 out of 5)

Tags has a very simple yet useful interface that just works. The tagging screen can be invoked using the shortcut key which pops up the well designed interface. There are controls for tagging the selected file, as well as the same window can be used for searching as well. Hitting the shortcut key for a second time switches the application from Tag mode to search mode. The search window can also be invoked using the icon on the top right. All in all the interface is very minimalistic and hence a breeze to use.



As seen from the images the interface is very clean and efficiently designed. Although I would love to see the ablity to change the color of the interface - just a case of personal taste!

Features & Usability (5 out of 5)

I have previously tried other tagging applications for the Mac, none come even close to Tags. The current feature set of tags allows tagging files from a wide collection of Mac apps. Everything from your emails from mail, your bookmarks in Safari, address book contacts, Microsoft office files, Keynote & Pages files and the list goes on. In fact you can even tag photos from iPhoto, which adds yet another cool feature to iPhoto apart from the newly included face and geo tagging! Tags can also be used to tag Xcode files, Quicktime movies and pretty much any application that supports applescript. This makes Tags a very powerful organisation tool to have on your Mac. Also provided is the ability to create smart folders with frequently use tags.




One of the strong points of Tags as an application is the fact that it is straightforward to use. There are no unnecessary buttons or features that crowd the screen and make it a tad bit difficult for new users to play with the application. The execution of the tagging feature, including the autofill of frequently used tags, ability to just click on the displayed tag term, and most important of all the ability to use Spotlight to look for tagged files is wonderful. Tagged files can not only be searched from within the application but can also be looked up using Spotlight and adding the term tags before the search query.

Tags - your ultimate file organiser

If you’ve been looking for an application to manage your files then Tags should be at the top of your choices. With the abiltiy to organise files without moving them or changing the folder structure, tags will definitely change the way you use your mac. Since the tags are added to the files they are backed up or copied when your copy the file to another mac and can be searched again with Spotlight or any another installation of tags. Tags reinforces the fact that our love for the Mac is not only because of Apple but by the myriad of well thought out and well designed applications available on the platform. Happy Tagging.