How to Download YouTube Videos To Your Hard Drive Using TubeTV

How to Download YouTube Videos To Your Hard Drive Using TubeTV
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With new YouTube videos added everyday, it doesn’t take long to find that one viral video to share with all of your friends. The only downfall is that you can’t take that video with you. Sure you can embed the code to your Myspace or an e-mail to show everybody, but access to the internet is not always available. That’s where TubeTV comes in.

TubeTV, which is developed by Chimoosoft, allows you to download any video you want on YouTube, directly to your computer’s hard drive. Once downloaded, the file is converted into a file format that can be added directly to your iPod or iPhone.

TubeTV is a very easy program to use. The most difficult task you’ll find is deciding which of the thousands of videos in the YouTube library you’d like to download.

When you open TubeTV you are prompted to search for a video. The search is run directly through the YouTube library search engine, so anything you find on the standard YouTube site will be found in this application search as well. When the video you want comes up, you simply click on it. You’ll then see the Download arrow go bold. Click the arrow and the process is just about complete. It will download the file to your computer and then convert it to an iTunes format. All you have to do after that is to add it to your iPod or iPhone.

*Note* Once the file is done downloading and converting it is sent to the Downloads folder on your computer.

Do not be worried about using TubeTV to download the videos. It is completely legal, and there are even numerous videos on YouTube itself showing you how to download the files to your computer.
This is a nifty little program for those frequent YouTube visitors. It lets you stash your own library of personal favorites right on your iPod to show off wherever you go.

TubeTV is a free download and can found here on chimoosoft’s website.


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