Suggestions For Mac Accessories This Holiday Season

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Apple Wireless Keyboard

Long gone are the days of messy wires and bulky keyboards. With the Apple wireless keyboard, you now have a very sleek design without the hassle of cords everywhere. Using the ever popular Bluetooth technology, this keyboard sits at your fingertips with a joy every time you use it. The thin design and soft touch make this one of the nicer keyboards on the market. Leave it to Apple to make something convenient and pretty at the same time. This will set you back $79, but if you’re one who hates being restricted by wires and need something to match the beauty of your Mac, then this keyboard is a must have.

M-Audio KeyStudio 49 Keyboard

For the musician on your list, how about a synth keyboard. The M-Audio KeyStudio 49 Keyboard is a mini piano that connects to your Mac and is compatible with Garageband and Logic as well as Pro Tools. Bend pitches, raise or lower octaves and even add sustain pedals. This 49 note synth board would be great for anybody who loves creating music in any one of the Mac’s well-known music applications. At just under $100 it is a nice addition to any music creators arsenal and will give them the ability to add all sorts of new dimensions to their music. M-Audio is a great name for music recording and the KeyStudio 49 Keyboard fits right in line as another hit.

Bose® Companion® 3 Series II Multimedia Speaker Systemthe

Bose is well renowned for having superior audio devices. With the Bose® Companion® 3 Series II Multimedia Speaker System you will bring your entire library of music to life. Whether it’s hooking these speakers up to your computer or to your iPod, you will have a nice full sound. Anybody who has a large library of music or enjoys watching movies on their Mac knows how much more you get out of it if you have a blasting sound system to back it up. Whether there’s explosion, heavy bass or great acoustics, you’ll want your sound coming through this system rather than your standard computer speakers. They run for a pretty good price. At $249.95, you can get a great sound system without having to drop your entire life savings on it. And with a name like Bose, you’re sure not to be disappointed.

Western Digital 500GB My Book Studio Edition

Nothing is more frustrating then running out of memory on your hard drive. If you’re like me, you enjoy having a large library of music and movies for a source of entertainment on your computer. You also know that music and movies can take up a pretty large amount of space on your hard drive. That’s why the Western Digital 500GB My Book external hard drive is a perfect pick to keep your computer’s hard drive opened up. What’s nice about this hard drive is there is no setup required. I was never a fan of accessories that use setup discs. This one is as easy as it gets, just plug it in via Firewire and you’re set to go. You can use this to store your music, movies or to back up any important applications or documents you have. With 500GB of space, it will take you a long time to fill this hard drive up. The price is $149.95 and can be purchased at most Apple retail stores.

HP Photosmart C7280 All-in-One Printer, Scanner, Copier

These days printers are no longer one dimensional. Meaning they are not used to simply just print out documents. The HP Photosmart C7280 All-in-One Printer, Scanner, Copier is no exception. It does all of the above, with ease. With a built-in mini screen, you can see how the picture is going to turn out, not to mention fixing red-eye problems as well. Another cool feature of this printer is the fact that it has a built in wireless connecter. This means that you can sync up to other computers on a network and print out documents. Giving you extended freedom from having to haul it around to hook up to another computer. You can also just slide in a memory card and print photos from that as well. All as just a push of a few buttons. The HP Photosmart C7280 printer really comes through with a user friendly interface. It is a little pricey at $299.95, especially during a time when people are cutting back on spending. However, if you are in need of a printer then getting all the other great features included, is a great deal.

These few choices are just a hand picked few, from a wealth of possibilities for your Mac. With the economy roughing it a bit, shoppers will, without a doubt, be trying to watch their spending. So if you make one big purchase or a few smaller ones, then you won’t go wrong with the picks above.