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iTunes: Where To Look

iTunes, like many Apple programs, is designed to be easy to use, but hard to master. Once you get started, it becomes easy to manage your music and movies, and even turn your Mac into a home entertainment center! There’s a lot you can do that isn’t immediately obvious, and some advanced commands are just different enough to be overlooked or dismissed at first. Here’s a couple articles that will help you get started with iTunes and keeping your music the way you like. If you’re already experienced with using iTunes, you may even find a couple of tips or ways to use the program that are new to you!

Getting The Latest Version Of iTunes

You can’t use iTunes without having it installed. Find out how to download the latest version for your system, and what to do with it once you do. It’s easy to keep up to date with the latest version.

Transfering Your Library To A New Computer

You’ve bought a new computer, but your music is on your old one! iTunes libraries can get pretty large. Here’s how you can get everything on your new computer the way it was on your old computer.

Moving your iTunes Library To An External Hard Drive

Eventually, you’re going to run out of space to store all your movies and music. What can you do? Don’t delete your tunes, move them onto an external hard drive instead.

Copying Music Without Duplicates

Sometimes things can get a little out of hand on your hard drive, with music and movie files in strange places. You should consolodate your iTunes library so you can find what you want, when you want.

How To Manage Your iTunes Album Art

iTunes should be not just functional, but pretty! Sometimes it just shows that generic note instead of proper album art. Here’s how to get your albums to have the same artwork as their physical copies.

Sorting Your iTunes Library

Your iTunes library can get pretty big. How will you find what you want to listen to? Luckily, you can have your music sorted by multiple criteria.

You Don’t Need A Credit Card

Want to buy some music or rent a movie on the iTunes store, but don’t have a credit card? Don’t let that hold you back. You have options.

Sharing With Family Members

If you buy something from the iTunes Store, you’re not the only one who can use your music or videos. Find out how to share with your friends and family here!

Renting Movies On iTunes

iTunes has more than music in the iTunes Store. You’ll never have to go without the latest new releases again! Find out how.

Connecting Your AppleTV To iTunes

So you’ve rented some movies, now what? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could watch them on your TV instead of at your computer? Well, you can! Here’s a great way to do that.

What To Do If iTunes Can’t Find Your Music On Your External Drive

So you’ve put your ever-increasing music library on an external hard drive. And then iTunes tells you it can’t see it for some reason. Here’s how to set things right.

How To Get Back Your Sweet Playlist You Accidentally Deleted

Fingers slip. Files are deleted by accident. You can get them back, though. Here’s how to get your playlists back without having to rebuild them from scratch.

Getting Your Password Back

Nobody’s perfect. Sometimes, you can “misplace” your iTunes password. Here’s how to get it back.

iTunes Troubleshooting Guide

With iTunes, just like everything else, something occasionally goes wrong That’s just life. Hopefully, you’ll be able to fix your hiccup with these tips.

Recovering Your Library If Something Goes Wrong

Sometimes, things happen that are outside of our control, like mechanical failure. That doesn’t mean that you can’t recover from setbacks like your iTunes library being lost. Find out how here!

Where To Go From Here

Hopefully you’ve found some useful info from one or more of these links. For more advanced topics, I reccomend trying one of these more in-depth guides with a broader focus.

iTunes Tech

Looking for advice on all things iDevice and iTunes? This is a great place to look and covers many subjects outside the scope of this article.

iTunes Library Guide

For some people, the way that iTunes sorts their music is fine. If you know how you want your music sorted but are overlooking something, or just want a more in-depth guide on sorting tips, this is a definitly worth checking out. Sort it your way!