Small Office Accounting Software for Mac OS X

Small Office Accounting Software for Mac OS X
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Highly Recognized Accounting Software for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Any user in search of a small office accounting software for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, should choose…


AccountEdge. It has four versions Mac users can choose from: Pro, Basic, mobile, or the Network Edition. The Basic version is suitable for small businesses, but does not have many of the features that are in Pro, which has payroll and time billing, inventory and is networkable. Mobile is ideal for iPhone and iPad users. It is a free application for business users on the go who need to enter expenses and contacts, as well as record sales and activity slips. The Network Edition, instead, is ideal for multiple users needing to access the same files and accounting programs over a Mac OS X network.

AccountEdge has lots to offer a small business accounting user with four versions to choose from. It may be the one offering the most complete package. Each version are said to be simple and easy to use as it has a friendly button/flowchart-based interface.

Note: Not only is this accounting software available for Mac (OS X v10.4 or later), but the Windows platform too.

For AccountEdge Pro, it will cost $299 new, but if the user is just upgrading the version from Basic, it will only cost $159. If the cost for the software is too much to spend for accounting software, Mac users have the option to buy AccountEdge Basic for $99. For the Network Edition, instead, it costs $299 or $249 if it is being upgraded from another version.

What’s new: AccountEdge 2011 features TimeTracker, which allows users to easily track time to be able to bill customers for that time, and Progress Billing, which provides invoices for work.

Affortable Cash Handling and Management Programs

For those in search of an easy-to-use software that is suitable for a small business at a great price, users may want to choose…

MoneyWorks Cashbook v6

MoneyWorks Cashbook v6. It can track income and expenses, work on payments and receipts, produce and print reports, and do much more for as little as $99.95. This is a cash based program suitable for cash based businesses and bookkeepers. It does not produce invoices, but it does produce a Profit & Loss/Income Statements, Trial Balance and Balance Sheets.

MoneyWorks has lots to offer for small organizations in need of financial software. There are three version available: MoneyWorks Cashbook, Express (which is more than a cashbook and costs $249.95), and Gold (that is ideal for cost center accounting, inventory management, and intended for multi-user access, but costs $499.95). Each MoneyWorks program is compatible with the other versions. And, each program has the compatibility to run on either Mac (OS X v10.5.x or later) or Windows.

iBank 4

With Cashbook, accountants can do bank transactions, have statements, and produce a wide variety of reports. It also provides support for GST/VAT accounting. In a nutshell, it contain several of the main features that accountants need and use daily. What’s new: Users can find out here.

iBank 4. This program, which is compatible with Mac OS X Lion, provides a money management solution for small businesses. It has the essential tools needed to effectively manage finances, monitor account balances, track investments, and handle financial accounts.

It is also able to manage budgets and planning, as well as record and edit transactions as needed.


Moreover, it has statement reconciliation features and can generate reports and sync data with mobile devices such as for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. (Note: The mobile sync application is sold separately.) All this for only $59.95.

Moneydance. This personal finance software for a Mac is able to manage bank account information and payments on credit cards, provide accurate budgeting, and do reports. Moreover, it has the money-management tools to completely control and track finance spending and investments. Not only can a Mac user (with Mac OS X 10.4 or later) do online banking and bill payments, it can print checks too. Plus, Moneydance comes with an iPhone/iPad application too. Such a useful program for only $49.99.

Note: Moneydance won the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for it easy to enter transactions, create budgets and import bank data.

Top Finance Utility

Anyone in search of a good everyday Mac utility that can organize their finances, can save time by choosing…

Intuit QuickBooks 2011 for Mac

QuickBooks 2011 for Mac. It is able manage finances all in one place. A useful program to track money and expenses, as well as compile records. It is handy for producing inventories and creating purchase orders. This version is available for $179.95.

Another version is the QuickBooks 2011 for Mac 3-User, which enables three users to simultaneously access one’s personal QuickBooks file.

Note: Both versions run on Mac OS v.10.6. It also works with iChat, iCal and Address Book.

Mac users in search of free applications (that tend to have limited accounting tools), may want to choose one or more of the following…

  • Zoho Invoice. Is a free program to create, track, and dispatch invoices and estimates, but is not able to do time-tracking or time-sheets. The free version is limited to five invoices per month. Optional: For only $35/month, users have up to 1,500 invoices/estimates per month.

  • Outright. Is a free program to track income and expenses, as well as create reports. It also has the ability to download transactions from credit cards and PayPal, produce receipts, and can calculate tax information. (Note: It does not perform electronic tax payments).

Most Reliable Web-based Accounting Software

If, instead, a Mac user is in search of an online accounting program, then he/she may want to choose…

QuickBooks. It has many options for Mac users, such as:

For $12.95/month, users will receive the Online Simple Start that can create and send invoices, manage expenses, and pay bills.

For $24.95/month, users have the Online Essentials that comes with automated online banking and advanced reporting.

For $39.95/month, users will also receive the Online Plus with inventory management capabilities.

For $51.16/month, users get the Online Essentials with Payroll support.

For $63.16/month,users can have the Online Plus with Payroll.


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