Internal Hard Drive for Mac Pro Desktop

Internal Hard Drive for Mac Pro Desktop
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The Trouble With Internal Hard Drive Shopping

Believe it or not, shopping for a hard drive to go outside of your computer is a lot more complicated than shopping for one that goes inside of your computer. Sure, you’ll need a bit of computer know-how to actually go in and replace that old hard drive of yours, but aside from that, you don’t have to worry about anything else, like whether the connection will work, whether you need special drivers, and which brand is best. When it comes to internal hard drives, there really isn’t much of a difference between the one inside your computer right now and any other one you can buy at a store, which comes as a huge relief to all of the technologically inept folk out there.

Option #1: The Apple 1TB Internal Drive

Built by Apple for Apple machine’s, this hard drive is a storage solution that will keep you free from any sort of overload for at least a few years. 1 terabyte of data storage space (that’s 1000 gigabytes) could allow you to store hundreds if not thousands of home movies, tens of thousands of music files, and much more. In addition, it boasts a relatively affordable price ($150), though that may be due to the low write speed of 300MBPS. One nice thing about it is that since it’s made by Apple (or perhaps a second party) there should be absolutely no compatibility issues, and you can use their customer support if needed.

Option #2: The Seagate Barracuda XT 2


The second option on this list is also the next step up when it comes to writing speed, which is incredibly important if you do a lot of file transferring, unzipping, or copying. This 2TB hard drive by Seagate has an impressive writing speed (that is, the speed with which files can be copied onto the disk) of 600MBPS, which is twice as fast as our previous contender from Apple, and it’s also twice the size. Don’t let that throw you off, though; Apple’s hard drive does have a larger version, but it’ll cost you about $250. This faster hard drive with the same storage capacity will only run you about $160.

Option #3: Apple’s 1TB SATA Internal Drive

Following our trend of increasingly more powerful technology comes the last entry to my list, another hard drive by Apple, and it’s an impressive piece of technology. This $300 hard drive for a Mac Pro desktop computer is blazing fast, clocking in at 3GBPS, which is ten times faster than our first choice, and even five times faster than the Seagate drive. This means that every second, you could copy 3GB of data onto the hard drive, which is the equivalent of about 600 songs every second. In addition to this speed comes impressive storage space (1TB) for a SATA drive, and a price that, while steep, isn’t ridiculously out of the question if you think you’ll need it.


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