Best Mac OS X Internet Spyware Monitor: Freeware

Best Mac OS X Internet Spyware Monitor: Freeware
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The Dangers of Spyware

It doesn’t matter if you’re the most careful computer user in the world or a novice who has only had their computer for a few months, spyware will, at some point, get into your computer and do its dirty work. That’s why it’s important for you to be careful and aware before anything like this happens. What’s also important, however, is saving money, and thanks to a few good companies out there, you can get a Mac OS X spyware monitor freeware, which means you don’t pay a single penny.

#3: ClamXav

ClamXav for Mac was one of the first and only anti-spyware programs available at no cost, and that in and of itself is an accomplishment. What ClamXav does is essentially what you’d expect from an anti-spyware program: It detects and quarantines dangerous files and waits for you to either delete or archive them to get them out of your system. This has both its advantages and disadvantages. While it is free, it doesn’t actually clean the files itself. All it does it show you where they are, and allow you to delete them. This means that once a file is infected, ClamXav can’t save it for you so you can use it again; you just have to delete it.

Either way, it’s a solid download, and for free, who can say no?

#2: iServices Trojan Removal Tool

There aren’t a lot of viruses out there for Mac, and of the ones that are out there, it’s rather difficult to get any of the ones that will seriously inhibit your ability to do work on your computer. One of the more common ones, however, is the trojan virus that pairs with the iServices (iWork, Photoshop and whatnot) via pirated copies of the applications and does some serious damage that’s hard to repair. If this specific virus attacks you, you’ll need iServices Trojan Removal Tool to get rid of it. The only downside to this application is that this is its only function. It doesn’t do anything except remove this specific virus, so if you’ve got anything else going on, you’ll have to look further.

#1: iAntiVirus


The best of the best in terms of dangerous spyware and malware protection for OS X is definitely iAntiVirus, a free application available for download that protects against a myriad of issues:

- Viruses and Worms

- Trojans

- Malware

- Spyware

- Much more

Not only does it scan and find all of the aforementioned objects, unlike ClamXav, iAntiVirus will actually remove these at the click of a button, allowing quick and seamless protection of your computer at no cost to you. In addition, however, there is a paid version of iAntiVirus that includes business use and 24-hour tech support and phone support, so if you’re looking for that added layer of security, you can opt for it at just $29.95.


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