Round Up Of MacBook Air Keyboard Covers

Round Up Of MacBook Air Keyboard Covers
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A True Story…

“My MacBook Air is the best designed piece of computing equipment ever made. Why would I want to make it feel cheap by putting a keyboard cover on it?” Those are the exact words that Norma (me!) used when her younger kid brother asked her why she was carrying her MacBook Air around willy nilly without a case or at the least a keyboard cover? The next morning, Norma ended up spilling her favorite brand of OJ - Saint’s all over her shiny MBA when she got overly excited about a call from her professor telling her she was going to go to Japan for a math symposium.

So What Did We Learn Today Class?

So what do we learn from the little anecdote above apart from the fact that Norma is a geek? You need a keyboard cover! Right now! And thankfully, most of the new keyboard covers that are sold today don’t feel like they’re made out of the cheap silicone that was the stuff that was used to make cheap iPhone covers. In order to make sure that I was listing only the best MacBook Air keyboard covers what I’ve done is that I’ve only listed the ones that fulfill the following criteria:

  1. The keyboard cover should ensure that the key presses are quieter.
  2. They shouldn’t feel cheap and have a nice texture.
  3. The MBA keyboard cover should be able to protect my Mac against accidental spills and food crumbs.
  4. It should be thin so that it doesn’t leave marks on the screen.

Speakers Sounding Muffled?

Of course, the most common problem that people report with keyboard covers is that they often make the speakers of your Mac notebook sound muffled and in my experience, this effect is more pronounced with the 11” Air than it is on the 13” MacBook Air owing to the fact that the 11" already has a tiny set of speakers to begin with.

The Moshi Clearguard is Perfect for You Minimalists!

Like the Moshi website says, this keyboard cover for the Macbook Air is the thinnest on the block and it is clear as glass which I think is a marked improvement over cloudy ones because the MacBook Air doesn’t have a backlit keyboard which can otherwise make your keyboard hard to see at night. This keyboard cover is sold for $24.95.

The Rearth MacBook Air Keyboard Cover


The Rearth is the only product other than the Moshi that manages to provide function without looking too funky. While this cover is a little bit cloudier than the Moshi, I am sure you would find a lot of value from getting it especially if you don’t like the look of clear keyboard covers.

The iSkin ProTouch Keyboard Protector

iSkin ProTouch Classic Keyboard Protector for 11 inch MacBook Air

The iSkin is the best way to add a dash of color to your Mac without making it look tacky. There are a number of colors that are available ranging from blue to pink and of course lime. The iSkin also features patented Microban technology which keeps bacteria at bay. While the iSkin is the most durable of the lot, it is also the most expensive clocking in at $34.

If you’d like to know how to use a keyboard protector the right way, then have a look at this article and the top MacBook Air cases and shells artile may interest you as well.


  1. Author’s own experience.