The Best Apple Pages Forums - Apple Discussions Forum and MacRumors

The Best Apple Pages Forums - Apple Discussions Forum and MacRumors
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The Top Apple Forums

If you are having trouble with Apple’s Pages application or are just looking for tips and tricks related to Pages, iWork or Mac OS X applications in general, one of the best places to look is Internet forums. While there are many Internet forums that contain information, in most cases posted by other Pages users, there are only a couple Apple Pages forums that I trust to, more often than not, provide me with valid information. Lets take a look at these Apple Pages forums and what information they have to offer.

Apple Support Discussions: Pages

The Best Apple Pages Forums - Apple Support Discussions Search

Apple’s official support discussions forum for Pages is one of the best places to go for help with Pages. The forum is very active and many extremely knowledgeable Apple iWork (Pages) users frequent this forum on a daily basis. I have found that users of this forum tend to keep the “flames” to a minimum and are generally eager to help you with your Pages problems. A forum where every post asking for help is greeted by a sarcastic or snide remark (like many Internet forums) is of no use for anyone so the fact that the users of this forum are patient, helpful and knowledgeable make this forum an excellent resource of Apple Pages information.

One tip for using this Apple Pages forum is to search for the problem you are having before posting. In a lot of cases the problem you are having has already been posted and solved in a previous forum post. In many cases you won’t even have to make a post of your own to have your question answered, problem solved or find the tip or trick for Apple Pages you are looking for, that is unless you would like to post to thank the original user who solved the problem. Who knows, in time you may become one of the knowledgeable and helpful Apple Pages users helping other users on this forum.

[ Visit the Apple Support Discussions Forum for Pages ]

MacRumors: Mac Applications and Mac App Store

The MacRumors forums are an excellent source of information for anything and everything Apple, this includes a forum dedicated to Mac Applications and the Mac App Store. This forum has a plethora of information dedicated to Mac applications, including Pages, and is an invaluable resource when you encounter problems with Pages or you are looking to expand your knowledge on Pages and Mac applications in general.

The users of this forum are just as active and knowledgeable as the users over at the official Apple Pages forum but tend to be a little less patient with what they consider to be “repeat questions”. At this Apple Pages forum you will want to make sure you search for your problem, in case it’s been posted before, or you may be greeted with posts telling you to do just that. In the end though if you are respectful of the users of this forum they tend to be respectful of you and provide you with a great deal of useful information on Mac applications, including Apple Pages.

[ Visit the MacRumors Mac Applications and Mac App Store Forum ]

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