The Essential MacBook Links Collection

The Essential MacBook Links Collection
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Apple MacBook Site

The Apple MacBook website is a great place to start to get all your MacBook information. Here you will find an excellent overview of the current MacBook as well as more detailed information on design, features and technical specifications.

[ Visit Apple MacBook Site ]

Apple Support Discussions: MacBook

This is the MacBook forum to visit before or after your MacBook purchase. Before your purchase of an Apple MacBook this is an excellent place to gather information on the performance of the MacBook (will it fit your needs?), potential hardware and software problems with the current line of MacBook’s and much more. The users here are very knowledgeable, active and eager to help so the majority of the information you gather here will be factual and accurate.

[ Visit Apple Support Discussions: MacBook ]

NoteBookForums: Apple Notebooks

This is another excellent resource when researching a MacBook purchase or troubleshooting your MacBook following your purchase. If you are interested in doing anything a little bit different with your MacBook this is the place to go. The folks at the NoteBookForums love to tinker and they do it well.

[ Visit NoteBookForums: Apple Notebooks ]

MacNN Forums: Mac Notebooks

The MacNN Forums for Mac Notebooks is not as active as it once was but it is still a great place for MacBook related information. If you are looking to upgrade your MacBook hardware or have had an accident with your MacBook this is a great place to start.

[ Visit MacNN Forums: Mac Notebooks ]

Apple Insider: Mac Hardware

Another top-notch MacBook forum if you are interested in MacBook hardware, whether it be the initial specs of your MacBook or guides on how to do MacBook upgrades yourself. The users of this forum are very active and generally polite and knowledgeable. This MacBook forum is also an excellent source of MacBook hardware news, information and rumors. These folks love their Mac hardware.

[ Visit Apple Insider: Mac Hardware ]

Mac Forums: Apple Notebooks

This forum bills itself as the “Ultimate Source For Your Mac!”, and while I might not jump right on that bandwagon, I do agree that it is a fabulous resource for everything Mac. This includes their Apple Notebooks forum which contains lots of information on the current line of MacBook’s as well as rumors about the next line of MacBook’s. The users here tend to get a bit rowdy at times and the occasional “flame war” tends to break out but what can I say? These guys love their MacBook’s.

[ Visit Mac Forums: Apple Notebooks ]

MacBook Wiki

The final MacBook link I have for you is the MacBook Wikipedia page. While I don’t recommend taking everything posted on this (or any) Wikipedia page as gospel, this Wikipedia entry has some very useful information that is referenced properly. Just about everything MacBook related is covered here and this is a great place to get a general sense of the quality of the MacBook notebook. Be sure to check the references section for any information you are taking to heart.

[ Visit MacBook Wiki ]


The Internet is crawling with information on just about everything, including the MacBook. The problem is that not all the information found on the Internet is accurate. I feel this list of MacBook links will provide you with a good starting point for obtaining enough information about the MacBook to make an educated decision on a purchase or upgrade. If you have a MacBook link you make use of and feel should be included in this list please let us know in the comments section below.

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