What to Do if You Get an Electric Shock from a Macbook

What to Do if You Get an Electric Shock from a Macbook
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Ouch! So your MacBook decided to shock you eh? Well, if you are sure it is an electric shock then stop reading this article here and get your machine as well as charger to the Apple Store and have them look at it. Wait, did I just say “if you are sure it is an electric shock?", what other kinds of shocks are there Norma?

The Static Kind


One of the most common problems that people have with computers especially laptops like the MacBook is that you will end up having a computer that manages to get a lot of static charge built up on it and then when you touch it you just might get a bit of a surprise! It can be a difficult to judge whether the shock that you are experiencing is a static shock or whether it was electrical unless you’ve has some experience with both beforehand. And for your sake I hope that you haven’t.

There are however other simpler ways to make sure that the shock that you are experiencing is real which is why I think what you need to follow these steps with care. First things first use your computer only with the power cord disconnected. The reason that you need to do this is so that you will be able to ensure that no matter what happens you will not get a shock from anywhere else. The reason that you want to use you computer with the power cord disconnected is because it is unheard of a MacBook to shock someone without the power cord attached to it. If you still experience static shocks without the power cord connected to the machine then you will know for sure that there is nothing wrong with your computer and that you will be able to rule out a failure with your computer’s charger or like Apple likes to call it power brick.

Possible Defective Power Brick

If the problem doesn’t occur but you experience it when using the computer with the power cord attached then it is time to call up Apple support or take your MacBook back to the Apple Store that you bought it from. Apple treats problems like these as a priority since the health and well being of their customers is at stake which is something that might mess up their reputation!

The reason that it is so unlikely that your MacBook is sending electric charges through it’s body is because it is grounded. The aluminum shell of all MacBooks are conductive which means that it will attract static electricity like a magnet attracts iron nails!

Additional Tip:

Make sure you are using the three-pronged plug for the adapter to ensure that the charger as well as the MacBook it is attached to are grounded.