How Do I Download Songs Onto iTunes?

How Do I Download Songs Onto iTunes?
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How Do I Download Songs Onto iTunes From the iTunes Store?

The iTunes Store sells complete albums or single songs and offers a massive variety of songs and albums to choose. You can access the music store by clicking on the iTunes Store icon on the left menu of iTunes and then clicking Music on the top navigational menu. The front page lists the best sellers and new releases, and you can click Browse under the Quick Links menu on the right to dive in to the store’s collection. If you choose the Browse option, you will see a screen that has columns for choosing a genre, subgenre, artist and album. If you are in a hurry, you can simply type the name of the artist, song or album you want in the search box on the right corner of iTunes.

Once you have found the music you want to download, you can click the “Buy” icon that also lists the price of the item. You will have to enter your iTunes ID and password and click “Buy” to complete the transaction. If you don’t have an iTunes account, simply click Create New Account on the Sign in screen and enter the information requested. The song or album immediately begins to download and is added to your library after the download completes.

How Do I Download Songs Onto iTunes From My CDs?

If you have a CD collection, you will be happy to know that iTunes makes it easy for you to turn your CDs into digital music. Simply insert your CD into your computer’s optical drive and wait for iTunes to recognize the CD. Unless you have disabled the setting, iTunes will display a dialog box asking if you want to import your CD into your iTunes library. Simply click Yes to automatically import the entire CD.

If you do not see this dialog box or if you want to import only specific songs, the process is also straightforward. Click the CD icon under Devices on the left menu to view the songs on your CD. If you want to import everything, click the Import CD button at the bottom. If you want to import specific songs, right click the track name and select Create AAC Version. This imports your song and converts it into the default iTunes audio format.

How Do I Download Songs Onto iTunes From Files on My Computer?

If you have converted your CDs to MP3s by using other programs or if you have purchased MP3 songs from another source, you can import the files into your iTunes library. You can choose to import an entire folder of music into iTunes, or you can select a single song. The process for both is similar and the options are located on the File menu.

If you want to import an entire folder, select Add Folder to Library from the File menu. If you want to import a single song, select Add File to Library instead. For either choice, a dialog box will open that allows you to navigate to the file or folder you want to import. If you are importing a single file, click Open to import the song. If you’re importing a folder, click Select Folder to import the folder’s contents into iTunes.