Tips on Working with an Apple iMac Power Supply

Tips on Working with an Apple iMac Power Supply
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Don’t Just Plug It In!

Using a power supply cable to hook your computer to the mains electricity might seem like a pretty straightforward task, but if you’ve splashed out a few hundred (or even a couple of thousand) dollars for your new computer it is something that you need to give some thought to.

For instance an Apple iMac power cord is a long piece of cable that can be connected to the mains – but is it really as simple as that? Can you just plug it into the nearest socket and expect your iMac to work without a hitch?

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Using a Power Supply Cable Correctly

It is easy to misuse a power supply cable. For instance, many faults and accidents are caused by connecting a live cable to a piece of electrical equipment, and this can easily be avoided.

In the USA, you should connect your power cable to the socket before connecting it to your computer. In the UK, mains power cables can be connected to your Mac or the wall socket, but the switch on the socket should be switched to off.

Only when the mains cable is connected at both ends should the computer’s power button be pressed.

Apple iMac Power Supply Cable Positioning

An equally easy mistake to make is to assume that stretching your cable across a floor to the nearest power outlet is safe, both for the computer and your physical wellbeing.

In practice, it is safer to run a good quality extension cable around the perimeter of the room in order to connect your Apple to the mains, bearing in mind the safety procedure above.

A good quality extension cable is required as poorer quality equipment can present its own risks. A cable with a circuit breaker is particularly recommended to protect your Apple iMac from a power surge.

While using an extension cable is a good way to power your Mac in a room bereft of mains electricity sockets, the safest plan of action and one that will provide you with the best results is to move your computer so that it is close to the power socket.

Purchasing Replacement Cables

Apple iMac power supply cables are the standard domestic heavy duty cables that can be found on other equipment, such as guitar combi amplifiers and home-built Windows or Linux desktop computers.

As such replacement cables can easily be sourced from a variety of locations, such as hardware stores, computer outlets or even electrical goods catalogues. If your need for a new power cable is less urgent, you could also shop online.

You might even borrow a cable from another piece of equipment; unlike MacBook power cables, it is easy to find a substitute iMac power cable.