Learning Linux: All You Need To Know About The Basics Of Linux, Desktop Environments, Distributions & Open Source Projects

Many people are of the opinion that learning Linux is a complicated and technically overwhelming task, such is the complexity of open source operating systems. However, Linux is not simply a closed shop OS for expert computer users. Here in the Learning Linux topic we aim to dispel this myth by introducing all the basics of Linux – the plethora of desktop environments, distributions and applications. Discussing everything Linux, in a simple, no fuss, non technical manner. Learn the very basics if you are a beginner, and how to set up and tweak your desktop environment. Or learn advanced coding if you are more experienced. It's all inside!

Take Our Quiz on the History of Linux

Do you remember when Linux was trademarked, or the penguin emblem was introduced? Do you recall the name of Linux’s creator, or the first Chinese distro? Test your knowledge of Linux history now!

Take Our Quiz: Linux Basics

New to Linux? Find out how much you’ve picked up so far with our new quiz, which will test your knowledge and identify any areas that you need to work on…

Installing and Using Light-Weight Linux

PC hardware becomes obsolete nearly the moment you take it out of the box, and is less equipped to handle Windows with each passing update. If your pc is just a few years old but now takes 10 minutes to get booted up, the time is ripe to ditch the bloatware and try out a Linux option!

Top Linux Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Many people are scared of switching from Windows to a Linux operating system, but they really shouldn’t – as this selection of tips, tricks and advice will show, making the change and using a Linux computer are really both quite simple!

Understanding Open Source Licenses

Most people have heard of the GNU General Public License, also known as the GPL, but did you know there are dozens of Open Source Licenses used in software development today? Let’s take a look at your options for an Open Source License if you are a software developer.

Make a USB Linux Boot Jump Drive

For mobility and handy situation where most Linux enthusiasts are in need of a flexible recovery kit in their pocket, live Linux OS on USB seems to be a good tool to carry. Just follow these simple steps and be set to go.

Understanding Linux Groups

If you’re interested in working as a Linux administrator, you’ll need a good understanding of Linux Groups. Such knowledge can also be useful when managing a shared Personal Computer (PC).

Understanding Linux Devices

Most newbies to Linux have trouble adjusting to not seeing single letters of the alphabet to designate drives. Learning to read Linux devices is not difficult, and is essential to running this open source operating system.

Understanding the Linux File System

The Linux file system is often high on the list of major differences between Microsoft (MS) Windows and the Linux operating system. Different, however, doesn’t always mean more difficult as
this introduction will show.

Linux Administration – A Definition

Linux administration is like practically any other discipline–you can keep it to the basics or you can advance to the level you choose. The basics start with an understanding of what administration is and why it’s needed.