Best Linux Antivirus Software Packages

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This topic has been a center of discussion for ages, and there isn’t yet unanimous opinion that Linux antivirus software is really needed. That said, let us now take a look at the top Linux virus protection programs.

Top 5 Linux Antivirus Programs

Here are the top 10 Linux Prot programs, which are tested and trusted by the Linux users -

  • AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition: It is a freeware Linux antivirus software package that features an attractive GUI even on Linux OS, whereas most of the other Linux virus prot programs feature command line interface support. It is discussed in detail separately.
  • F-Prot: It is yet another freeware that is fairly popular amongst the Linux users, and it is also discussed in detail below.
  • Avast! antivirus Home Edition: Avast is a shareware virus protection program for Linux users, though you can download the trial version, and check it out for a month before deciding on purchasing license of the fully featured version.
  • ClamAV: It is another open-source Linux antivirus software package that has all the basic functionalities, but isn’t as popular as AVG, Norton, and Kaspersky due to the lack of a Windows version.
  • McAfee for Linux**:** Just like the Windows version, McAfee for Linux is fairly efficient, but it can consume a lot of resources. It is a shareware antivirus program.
  • Avira AntiVir Personal: The Avira Antivirus protection program is free for personal use, and it is also available as a shareware for commercial use, too. The freeware version is relatively popular in the market, especially in the Linux community.

AVG Free for Linux

AVG Free is an extremely popular antivirus programs amongst the Windows and Mac OSX users; it is no wonder that it is fairly popular even in the Linux community as well. It provides adequate protection to your system, be it loaded with Windows or Linux, and the GUI remains more or less the same for both versions.

However, the AVG Freeware for Linux users also comes with command line execution, and its real time protection is indeed very impressive. One can scan several files and schedule updates within no time.

F-Prot Linux Antivirus Software - Freeware

It is a command line interface based program that allows you to do a lot with the help of various commands, and facilitates its usage via various command switches; but, it could be a daunting task for the beginner-level Linux users.

However, as far as experienced users are concerned, they can easily set up cron jobs to run frequent scans and update F-prot Linux antivirus software every now and then. It is totally free for home users, and hence turns out to be a popular choice among avid Linux users.

To download F-Prot Linux antivirus software, click here

The Bottom Line

It is not wise to think that you don’t need a virus protection program for systems running Linux. Depending on your personal choice and individual requirements, one may choose from the above-mentioned programs or other Linux antivirus software packages in the market.

Morer often than not, folks consider that spending money on an antivirus package for Linux is an utter waste, though it is again another misconception. You may not have paid a penny for the Linux OS, but it may be well worth your money to buy an efficient shareware antivirus program for Linux and ensure complete peace of mind. However, the choice of freeware vs shareware is again a personal decision; and, the freeware like AVG Free, F-Prot, and Clam V are by no means inferior to the shareware programs like McAfee, Norton, Avira, and Kaspersky!