How to Install Linux on PS3 Without CD

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The source code can be accessed, modified and distributed commercially and non-commercially at no cost under terms of GNU GPL. It is circulated through various distributions like Ubuntu.

Question: Tell me more about the PS3.

The PS3 or Play Station 3 is a fabulous product from Sony. It is an amazing console that allows users to play wide variety of games with superb graphics.

Question: Why do I need Linux on the PS3?

With Linux, the Sony PS3 can also be turned into a multifunctional computer. The PS3 has always been used for high end graphical gaming and by adding Linux, it can become more functional with ability to play music, watch movies, surf the internet and work on files just like an ordinary computer.

Question: Why install Linux on my PS3 without a CD?

Ideally, the installation of Linux can be done through a CD placed in CD drive. However, in cases like a damaged CD drive, installation without a CD is the only option. Furthermore, CD installation is elaborate and time consuming so installation without a CD is preferred.

Question: So, give me an outline of the installation of Linux onto my PS3 without a CD?

The Linux installation onto PS3 needs to be done carefully or it can mess up your PS3 resulting in a voided warranty.

First you will need to download a Linux Installer for the PS3. An installer is a program that will load Linux onto your system with the least hassle. A Google search will locate it easily. The software is bundled with an emulator that will download all other software required to run Linux on the PS3. The Linux emulator is an effective replacement of Linux CD and comes with less number of troubles.

During the installation process, you will need a game controller, USB keyboard and mouse to be connected to your PS3. The game controller will be used for all GameOS functions. The USB keyboard and mouse will be used when you begin the installer. A memory card or USB driver are also required. You will also format and partition your PS3 hard disk for installation of Linux system by allocating hard drive space for it as per the defined procedure.

By using the emulator route, Linux can be installed easily by simply selecting the appropriate options. This way, you don’t do anything aggressive like prying open your PS3 which could void your warranty. If you follow the steps outlined by the installer you should be successful in installing Linux on your PS3.

At the end of the process, you have an all-in-one entertainment system that can play PS3 games and also perform as a desktop PC.