Getting More Software for Linux: A Where To Guide

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We all love the feel of getting new software for our computers. Of course as a Linux user you can’t just saunter on down to the electronics store like a Windows user, or even take the pilgrimage to the regional store like a Mac user can. No, you have to be a bit more crafty when it comes to getting your software. On the downside, there are only a few places you can go for a great selection of software. The bright side is that in order to get to those places you won’t even have to find your keys. Today we are going to look at some of the best places for you to get even more software for your Linux machine.

Linux Software

Linux Software, as you have probably guessed by the name does only software, and only for Linux based machines. They keep a great selection in a wide variety of categories that include:


If you want a new flavor for a dual boot, or a second machine you can find it here.


Most of these application are actually for adult learners or educators, but a few like Tux Math are for kids.


If you are looking to fake everything from another operating system (like Mac) to a classic game system (like SNES) then this is the section for you.


You can guess what you will find here, games for players of all ages. Just be sure to look at them before you pass them off to a minor.

Graphic / Image

Anything to do with the creation and manipulation of images will live here.


If it is sound, music or the intergeration of those two elements within a larger project then you will find a listing for the software here.


We all have to get work done from time to time. When it is your turn to think seriously, this software can help you to be productive.


If it fails to have a home in other categories, you will find it here.


If you need serious software for academic use, then try this software.

Virus Scan

Sure, you probably won’t have too many probelms with this as a Linux user, but having a solid virus scanner can be a great way to be polite to the less fortunate users of the web.

Web Browsers

Getting around never had so many choices. If you want to have a browser for everything, or just a separate one for online banking, try this section.

Now you can enjoy the best of what Linux software has to offer you and your operating system. Below we will cover some common questions that you may have before downloading.


How will I know if the software is safe? I don’t want to get a virus?

While viruses in the land of Linux, are rare one can never be too safe. Mitigating your risks is always wise and takes only a few basic steps.

* Always download from the official source

* Look for user complaints about downloads causing problems and avoid those files

* If you have access to a virus scan program run it before you install and after

If a piece of software I want isn’t for my flavor of Linux, can I still try to use it?

That depends. If the flavor it is written for is substantially similar, such as a Lite version then give it a try. If they are both based on the same type of Linux then you should look for other users who have done so successfully. Get a patch if one exists. If your flavors are dissimilar then best not to try.

What will software cost me?

Most of it will be freeware, which is good news for your wallet. In Linux it is rare for software to cost you.