How To Install Linux Mint on My Computer

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If you have decided that Mint is the right version of Linux for you, then the time has come to put the pedal to the metal and install your new operating system. At first glance that may sound like a very intimidating idea, but with these instructions you will soon be installing Mint like a professional.

What You Need in Order to Begin the Installation.

Before we begin the process of installing Mint you will need to do two things. First is to make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements for installation. Those requirements are a computer with a modern processor, at least 256 MB or Ram and a combo CD/DVD-Rom drive. The second thing that you need is an installation disk. You can buy one, or download the files from the Mint site and make one yourself. Either way once you have these things you can begin the process of installing your new operating system.

Installing the Operating System

Installing Linux Mint is not as hard as it sounds. These steps will help you get going.

1. Put the CD into your combo drive. For many users this may entail turning the system on, putting the disk in and then turning it back off again.

2. Reboot the system and boot your PC from the CD. The exact procedure for this will vary from system to system.

You will need to make sure your BIOS is set to boot from your combo drive. In most cases your PC will already be set to boot from CD by default so all you will need to do is insert the CD into your combo drive and reboot.

If your PC is not set to boot from your combo drive please consult your hardware manual or use a search engine to locate instructions.

Now you will be given a list of choices. Choose the first option (Boot to a Live CD Session) and click on Accept. The desktop will now load. Find the install icon on the desktop and click it. The wizard will start asking you a series of questions including your language and location. Answer them and click on “Next”. It may also ask you about your keyboard layout.

Now you will be brought to the partitions screen, for most users choose the automatic option (labeled Guided partition) will be the smarter choice. The rest of the partitioning and installation should run without you having to do anything more then click on “Next”.

Mint Assistant/Mint Welcome

Now you get to setup your preferences in Mint assistant. Mint assistant will allow you to set up basics like a username and password in a simple wizard style. Just answer its questions, and keep clicking on “Next” until you get to the question asking if you want to enable the root account. Unless you have a specific reason to do so it is best to answer no. Once you have gone through the whole setup process you will get a chance to review your choices. Once you have read them over click “Apply”.

Now you have your Mint Linux system set up. Enjoy your new computer. Go ahead and tinker with it for a while and have fun.

Version Notes

Please note that these instructions will work for any version from 4.0 (Daryna) to version 7.0. If you have a different version (such as a no longer supported version) your installation experience will vary.